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 Toner is very important for oily skin and I always make it a point to use a toner to firm and tighten the pores because I have extremely oily skin. I purchased this some time ago along with the vedic line face wash but I started using this only a month back.

 First of all I want to tell you all how I use this toner. I use this as a cleanser before I use my face wash. Yup you heard me right! This toner does not control the oil on my face and that is what I look for in a toner. I didn't want to waste this and one day I used it in the morning without even washing my face and I was surprised by the amount of dirt that this toner took off from my face!I was impressed! Since then I have been using this like a pre-cleanser and so far it works amazingly well! I love this as a pre-cleanser as oil based cleansers make my face more oily than needed.


Great toner and works nicely for me as a pre-cleanser and removes majority of the gunk off my face. Please don't think that this will remove makeup as it doesn't! It just removes oil & dirt.

I love the smell of this

Very gentle on the skin

Normal & dry skinned people can definitely use this as a good toner

Oily skinned ladies too can use this as a gentle toner if you have sensitive skin as it doesn't add or strip your face off its natural oils. But do keep in mind that you may not get the constricted pores that you might be looking for in a toner

The small bottle is travel friendly and I love the flip cap

 The small bottle of product contains 100 ml and it will last a very long time

This toner is not tested on animals


I have seen this brand only on online websites

I don't use this as a toner but as a pre-cleanser. It is a con that is actually quite working in my favour.



 Price:- Rs 90/-

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