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 I have been using this dance based workout for more than a month and I can give a pretty detailed review about the program now that I have lost 5 kgs and around 17 inches from all over my body.

  What it is:- Its a dance based workout featuring mainly Hip-Hop dance moves and concentrating mainly on the ab muscles.

Instructor:- Shaun T. He is really an amazing instructor, very energetic and lively. He makes the workout really fun and I always felt at ease whenever I worked out with his dvds. He talks nonstop and you can modify the moves if you want and still get a fab workout. Some people say that he behaves totally gay in these videos but I beg to differ. He just tries to be enthusiastic and super fun and that is exactly what a "dance" based workout needs. Nobody likes to workout with a stuck up instructor!!!

Workout in detail:- It  comes with a workout plan that is very easy to follow and the workouts are for 6 days straight with the 7th day being the "break-day". All workouts are around 25-45 mins long and at first you start with the most easiest routine and Shaun T builds your stamina level as you move forward every week and I was able to do the 45 min workout without any trouble.

Is it an easy workout:- Its a fun but effective workout and people who love to dance will love this workout. Even people who can't dance that well will also benefit from this as the moves are not complex at all. The level of the workout being easy will depend upon how you are able to adapt to the workout routine. Once you get the moves down its a fun workout and the pounds just keep coming off!

How much did I lose:- I lost 5 kgs and 17 inches in 28 days. My body feels a lot more toned and my abdomen doesn't bulge out when I sit down and my most problematic area are my arms and I lost 2 inches each from my arms!

Difference in this workout dvd from others:- They promote the idea of getting amazing abs "Standing Up"!!! There are no boring crunches  and every single crunch that you do, you are doing it standing up!!!! and it works really well! It does have some moves lying down but they are not bothersome like ab crunches.

Recommend:- YES!!! I love Shaun T and his method of workout and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves working out to fitness dvds , people who has no means to do any outdoor activities and also for those who love to dance and have a good time. It will surely give you results. Don't be fooled by the name. The workout will definitely melt fat in all the places and not just the abs!

Cons:- Availabiity might be a problem in India. I bought the dvd via ebay. You can also try to downoad it via torrent( I guess......). This may not be a great workout for people who hate dance based workouts.





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Sorry for being MIA for so long. I have not given up my fitness goals and still going strong. I had to break the routine in between for more than two weeks after my last weigh in as I suddenly developed a tooth ache and had to get it surgically removed. Anyone who has had a wisdom tooth extraction would definitely know as to how bad it is. I had to take rest for more than 2 weeks as I had a huge swelling and couldn't eat anything except ice cream for 4 days straight!!! When I weighed myself after 2 weeks, I had gained back all the weight that I had lost. I went on to become 85 kgs. Honestly I would have stopped my fitness regime then and there if I had not made a promise to myself and started writing these posts. After I started these posts, I received numerous comments and mails encouraging me to succeed in my weight loss journey and I decided NOT to give up just because life throws a curve ball once in a while. So, I had to start again from scratch and its been 28 days since I started my excercise routine and here are the results.


Starting weight:- 85 Kgs( I sadly packed on the pounds after the tooth extraction and had to start working again!)

Now:- 80.1 Kgs (after 28 days)

So, totally I lost 5+3=8 kgs (if you take into account the 3 kg weight loss that I achieved when I started my weight loss regime)

 I am happy even if the first 3 kg weight loss cannot be counted. I worked my butt off to lose 5 kgs again and I am so happy that I will be entering the "70's"  soon :)

Now, lets get on to the inch loss

Rt arm:-1.8 inches
Lt arm:- 2.1 inches
Chest :- 3 inches
Wasit :- 4 inches
Hip:- 3 inches
Lt & Rt Thighs:- 3 inches each

So I lost a total of 16.9 inches. Not bad rt?

Honestly, my body feels a lot better My abdomen feels a lot toned and its not coming out when I sit down and the place that I wanted my fat to melt was my arms and I am sooooooooo happy to see the flab melting away from my arms!!!

I have been following the basic meal plans and nothing fancy. I have been doing Hip Hop Abs and also mixing it up a bit with Rockin body(another dance based workout from Shaun T.) But, from now on I am going to try a new workout called Turbo Jam as my body has become a bit used to the other two workouts and I would like to shake it up a bit to confuse my body and also burn more calories!!!

I will be writing a detailed post about Hip Hop Abs in a couple of days and as usual the comments section is open for this post. If any of you are working out to lose the flab then do give me pointers and if any of you are using Turbo Jam do leave me a comment to let me know as to how good/bad the workout is :)



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 I am crazy about haircare and hairproducts and I am always on the look out for new and exciting products. What better than an all in one hair product that promises you the world????? Hmmm, sounds interesting rt? Lets jump into it :)

 I love the packaging red & black. The bottle is very classy looking and promises to do 10 things!

 So, these are the ten things that the product promises!

 The nozzle is very nice and gives a fine mist

 This is how the product looks and I never put it straight on to my hair as I don't like the heavy perfume smell of the product. Its just too much. I honestly can't stand it. So, what I do is I spritz enough product on to my palm and then apply it on to my hair and then I brush it through

Directions for use:- Spray over damp hair. Do not rinse.


Yes it does all the things that it promises!!!!

I love how smooth my hair feels after application

The effects last for a long time even in the mumbai humidity and frizzy hair is much better controlled now

Never leaves my hair limp unless I use a lot

The consistency of the product is creamy and a bit oily so make sure you never go overboard

Will be great for dry and damaged hair


Not available in india

I hate the heavy duty perfume smell. I have become immune to it somehow but I make sure that I never spray it on to my hair direct as it produces the most pungent smell and leaves too much product on the hair

Recommend:- Yes! If you have dry and damaged hair and also loathe using a lot of products on the hair then this is the product for you as it does 10 things at a time.

Repurchase:- Yes!

Cost:- Rs 950/-

I bought this from cheapsmells.com

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The Levi’s® Fall/Winter 2012 collection is based on a refined and tailored look, for both men and women inspired by the ocean, coastal communities and their associated handcrafted tradition. The essence of the collection is in its refined intention and tailored head-to-toe looks melding craftsmanship, honesty and authenticity. All this while honoring tradition, defying convention, redefining the norm and re-crafting and re-creating iconic Levi’s® styles.

The Collection
The ritual of dressing for the task at hand is as old as humanity, and it’s something the Levi’s® brand has always understood. Now available in exclusive Levi’s® stores across India, the new Fall/Winter 2012 collection is made for those who get dressed each morning with purpose, with the intention and optimism to make a positive difference in the world.
The men’s collection offers classic yet contemporary head-to-toe looks built around refined styles with sharp clean aesthetics, tailored to perfection. The key item for men this season is the reconstructed classic 5-pocket jean. The jean, first introduced by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in 1873, has evolved through the years improving with age. Driven by a commitment to craftsmanship, this fall, the brand will re-introduce the classic 5-pocket jean with a host of upgraded features.
In addition to the re-crafted classic 5-pocket jeans, the brand is launching the range of Levi’s® Sta-Prest™ pants in India. Originally introduced in the 1960’s, when Levi Strauss & Co. found a way to give a permanent, sharp front crease to non-denim pants, Levi’s® Sta-Prest™ pants became the rage across America almost overnight. Now they're back, and just as sharp. Designed to keep a permanent front crease, you get that new, first-wear look every time – without all the work.
The overall style of the women’s collection is classic and refined with a clean, tailored aesthetic and pronounced femininity. The key silhouette for women this season is the Bootcut Skinny, which the Levi’s® brand has completely reinvented. No longer your mother’s bootcut denim, this season will see the launch of this new take on a classic – a sexy, modern skinny fit making you think differently about the bootcut.
In addition to the Bootcut Skinny, the brand is launching a feminine tailored dress collection. These tastefully crafted garments give a subtle nod to the idea of femininity but thoughtfully leave it open for interpretation. The Levi’s® Dress Collection includes several new denim and non-denim dress styles in a variety of fabrications including light, effortless knits, cotton-linens and soft chambrays.
As part of Levi Strauss & Co.’s profits through principles approach, sustainability is embedded throughout the collection, with the use of WaterTM
techniques and sustainable finishes playing a prominent role this season.
Want more info about Levi’s® Fall 2012 Collection? Contact us at:
Amruta Navghare
Madison PR for the Levi’s® brand
(91) 98199-45670
Hope you find this information useful.
Shweta Pawar
Account Executive

 Tel: + 91 22 6654 8318
Mobile: +91 9930258678
Fax: + 91 22 6654 8340 

H. C. Dinshaw Building, 3rd Floor
Horniman Circle, Fort
Mumbai 400 023, India

Info sent by PR




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 We all love an even toned face. I have pigmentation like most Indian women especially on both sides of my mouth. I have been trying really hard to get rid of them and decided to give this a shot. This product is made of Vitamin C and its in the most potent form as Vitamin C gets oxidised once it comes in contact with air. So most of the creams that we use that claim to contain Vitamin C must be completely useless as they are in the tub form (I think its possible because there is no way Vitamin C will remain potent once it comes in contact with air).

 This is the cover that the product comes in. It has 28 vegicaps which will last for a month

 The capsules are inside a circular packaging like this and you have to move the dial on top to reach each capsule. There is an opener on top of it and this way you are only subjecting one capsule to any sort of contact with outside air.

 Please read the above picture to know how to use the product

 This is how the vegicap looks. The product is light yellow in color and make sure you use one capsule a day and try to use it in the night time as Vitamin C makes the skin very photosensitive. Use a sunscreen always.


Vitamin C cream in the most potent form

The cream makes the skin very smooth and radiant

It gives a slight tingly feeling when applied on the skin but not to worry it just means that the product is working

It makes the pores look smaller

It controls the oil for some time

It does give an even toned face

Easily available in all medical stores


My pigmentation has not reduced that much, so am still looking out for the "perfect" product

The skin may become a bit dry, so dry skinned ladies should make sure to use a good moisturiser after applying the product

 Overall:- This product makes the pores look small, gives an even tone to the face and I do feel that it might work well for pigmentation that is on the epidermis and not on the dermis.

Repurchase:- I didn't get the result that I expected so I may not repurchase but I do think that this will be a great product for pigmentation on the epidermis.

Cost:- Rs 1250/-

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