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 I am crazy about haircare and hairproducts and I am always on the look out for new and exciting products. What better than an all in one hair product that promises you the world????? Hmmm, sounds interesting rt? Lets jump into it :)

 I love the packaging red & black. The bottle is very classy looking and promises to do 10 things!

 So, these are the ten things that the product promises!

 The nozzle is very nice and gives a fine mist

 This is how the product looks and I never put it straight on to my hair as I don't like the heavy perfume smell of the product. Its just too much. I honestly can't stand it. So, what I do is I spritz enough product on to my palm and then apply it on to my hair and then I brush it through

Directions for use:- Spray over damp hair. Do not rinse.


Yes it does all the things that it promises!!!!

I love how smooth my hair feels after application

The effects last for a long time even in the mumbai humidity and frizzy hair is much better controlled now

Never leaves my hair limp unless I use a lot

The consistency of the product is creamy and a bit oily so make sure you never go overboard

Will be great for dry and damaged hair


Not available in india

I hate the heavy duty perfume smell. I have become immune to it somehow but I make sure that I never spray it on to my hair direct as it produces the most pungent smell and leaves too much product on the hair

Recommend:- Yes! If you have dry and damaged hair and also loathe using a lot of products on the hair then this is the product for you as it does 10 things at a time.

Repurchase:- Yes!

Cost:- Rs 950/-

I bought this from cheapsmells.com

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