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I  bought this from the sleek website when they had a sale going on and I always had my eyes on these, rather than their famous palettes. I have read a lot of reviews about these tinted lipbalms and I have to agree with other reviewers, pout polish is amazing!

I got two of 'em. Pink Cadillac and Perfect plum

Perfect plum

Pink cadillac

Really neat packaging
It contains 10 gms worth of product
Very Very pigmented
Has a slight sweet smell(not offensive at all) and no bad taste
These are really and amazingly moisturising
The tint acts more like a true blue lip color
Stays on for quite sometime
Has spf 15 in it
Easy to carry around
The price was 4 dollars the time I bought it as they had a sale going on. (9-10 $ is the original price)

Not available in India
One has to order it straight from their website or from ebay

One word of caution:- I really don't like the sleek website. They don't respond properly and it takes ages to get a conformation mail after you have placed the order. Sometimes its shown that the order hasn't gone through even after you click lots of times. I don't know whether it was a technical glitch that they had 'coz of their massive sale ......but I don't think I will ever purchase anything from their site again. I might depend upon ebay .



Nivedita said...

Why didn't you like it that much? It looks so beautiful on your lips. The colors are so lovely.

Vintage Makeup said...

I love Pink cadillac! :)

Flamante said...

wow!!! i realy want these now!!
you know you can be a "lip model"
cos your lips are perfect!!!
what were the shipping charges?

indianmakeupways said...

@nivedita:-oh no. i love the lipbalms. I hated the service that I received from their website

@VM:-yup its a great color :)

@flamante:- lip model???? haa haa thanks for the nice words :)well, i got these during a sale, so i gave around 6 dollars or so. normally, their shipping charges to India is very high. close to 13$.

Rakhshanda said...

Wow Pink cadillac is so pretty!!

G.G.G said...

Hey Anjoos..

Welcome back..

I liked the first one a lot..looks super on you :-)

anamika said...

shit this is so sexy and amazing Anju..

and u know u r one blogger who has the max update of online shopping..

i so loved it but i am scared about using the website :)

Sumitha said...

lovely colours and good pigmentation..like the perfect plum

indianmakeupways said...

@raks:-yup its a great color.I too love it

@GGG:-Thanks so much for the "welcome back" :) am back at my hometown and I had all the entrance exams and on top of that the net is real slow in here.
Even I love the perfect plum the most-est! :)

@anamika:-I know, i love online shopping. I love the feeling of opening up packages :) ya the website is real S*****. don't place any order there. try some good sellers in ebay.

@sumitha:-thanks so much. these lipbalms are insanely pigmented. more like a highly moisturised lipstick...

Chandana said...

seeing u post after a really long time! I missed buying things coz u dint post often :P

And the colours look so lovely! Am definitely going to try this one.. will search on ebay as per ur advice :)

beautydiva said...

I love both these colors and they suit you perfectly. You got a sexy pair of lips ;) Thanks for sharing :)

Hungover on Fashion said...

love the pink..the snaps look nice;)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Couldn't find your email address. If you ever want to do a beauty swap let me know I'd be happy to send you some Sleek stuff for some Indian skincare!

Others have said the same thing about the sleek website so I don't blame you for not ordering from it again.

A x

AfricanPinay5 said...

I really love the pigmentation of these lip polishes!

pavani reddy said...

hi anju..thank u so much for befriend¬ing me...very very pretty colours..loveddd them

indianmakeupways said...

@chandana,beautydiva,hungover on fashion,africanpinay:-thanks so much guys :)

@skinscrubs:-thats so generous of u. thanks so much for the sweet words. sure i will contact u if i need any sleek stuff.:)

@pavani:-sure!!!thats what fellow bloggers are for. we show each other the support we deserve and i do like ur blog :)

Rentu said...

hey welcome back...
looks reallie nice on your lips

indian beauty central said...

Love perfect plum on your lips. i checked out a few youtube videos after seeing yourpost & man i heard some really rave reviews. I'm probably going to order these from ebay. Thanks for thepost

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