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I normally end up loving loreal products and try to make it work one way or other, but I can't say much about this makeup remover.

 What it says:-
For the first time from L'oreal paris, discover the ease of use and purifying power of a foam face wash in a rich and luxurious cream formula with cutting edge makeup removing technology, that won't dry out your skin.

Apply a small amount of velvet creme to damp skin using your fingertips.Gently massage into a creamy lather to foam and then rinse with water.

A makeup remover that is designed for your face, eyes and lips!!!
Its quite creamy in texture and does lather up quite a bit(not THAT foamy i might add)
Has a very nice smell to it
Comes in a very attractive tube packgaing, so its hygienic
Easily available in all the loreal counters
Price 550/- for 150 ml

It just doesn't remove the makeup properly!!!!
It doesn't remove my eye makeup and if I use waterproof mascara, then I end up rubbing like crazy and the remover just doesn't work!!!
I now use it to remove  mild makeup on my face (NO blush included)
I totally wouldn't recommend this thing :(

I am in love with my Clinique makeup remover and I also love my Avene makeup remover(which I have sadly run out)

So what about you all, any of you guys tried this and what is your opinion??????


Rakhshanda said...

Nice review Anju.Too bad that it doesn't remove waterproof makeup...coz that's what we want removers to do :(

beautydiva said...

Sad that it didnt work; maybelline, avon and oriflame makeup removers works for me. Dont worry...use it like a regular cleanser :)

anamika said...

not tried it Anju and won't after reading yur review:)

bhumika said...

thanks for the review..

Linhy said...

is Loreal pretty big in indian huh?

indianmakeupways said...

@Raks,beautydiva,anamika,bhumika,:-ya its sad that it doesnt work properly. better stay away f4rom it.

@linhy:-its not exactly a drug store brand in india, its a bit more on the medium expensive side. :)

Linhy said...

Oh really!! that's cool. I did see a lot of bloggers in india especially mumbai they are using Loreal so I was just curious if it was big there.

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