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I am so sorry for not doing this earlier. Am much too caught up with studies nowadays as my exams are creeping up on me.Hope you guys understand.

So, Jiya from confessions of a shopaholic & Poohkie from poohkies place were really nice enough to award me with the "Stylish Blogger Award".Both of these bloggers have their own distinctive blogs, When I read Jiya's blog I get so many ideas to try out new stuff and she gives great reviews on online shopping sites too. Where as Poohkie gives the most in-depth view about the product she reviews and I honestly love her style of writing.Do check out their blogs......they are awesome!

In order to accept this award, I have to follow some rules. Here they are: 
1. Thank the person who gave you this award. 
2. Tell 7 facts about yourself. 
3. Pay it forward to 7 bloggers & contact them to let them know they've been chosen. 
So, I thank both the bloggers a bunch for giving me this award and I really appreciate it.
Hmmmmmmmmmm now coming to 7 facts about myself

1. I can dance pretty well, a talent that I never used much till the final days of my college.Wish I had done more competitions and stuff......

2. I am NOT a scatterbrain but I can & will most definitely forget people's names!!!! I have no idea as to why this happens....but it does. Its not something that everyone faces at some point in their lives and they meet up with someone with whom they have been friends or acquaintances before and forgot their name after like 3 to 4 yrs.Thats normal. But not me, I will see someone today and totally will forget the person's name if I don't see him or her for a few days and I also have a problem with recollecting a person's name even if the person has been with me for a long time! Ya i know WEIRD! Maybe that part of my brain is not well developed!

3. I can roller skate. I have not skated for a long time.......but i was pretty good when I was growing up.

4. I can make up dramatic stories in an instant and have the ability to make the other person believe me by my intricately carved vivid lies :D. I have tricked a lot of my friends with this ability of mine and yup I have sometimes used tat skill to avoid wrath from my teachers too :P

5. I am an avid reader and I love all sorts of books......something that my father instilled in me. Right now am more into audio books and its so much more easier when a person is reading out loud to u. Am currently reading the book "songs of blood and sword" by fathima bhutto.

6. I enjoy cooking.....I never thought I would say this ......but I do and moreover am a fast cook and I dont like being in the kitchen for longer than 1hr or so.

7. I catch fever and cold just like tat. I have very low immunity and u will see me angry and fussy whenever I have fever (i get cold or fever atleast 2 times a month!).

So thats some random 7 things about me

I would like to pass this on to 

Honestly, all my fellow bloggers.......coz when I see my dashbord and see all the lovely blog updates for me to read it just makes a dull day great! so, all you Stylish bloggers out there I give you this award and do continue to write more amazing stuff so tat we can all spend our hard earner money together!!!! :D


ladylavendersays said...

LOL.. no. 4 reminds me of me too. I went so far as to convince a person I was avoiding that the girl he met earlier was my twin sister Poornima. And he believed me. I laughed my ass off that day..

Poohkie said...

aww, you're so sweet.
Didn't know you're a good dancer. Thats a nice talent to have. And where did you learn to skate? It's really fun to read such facts. I feel like I know you a little better now.

anamika said...

i so loved reading it Anju.:)

bhumika said...

hey anju..congrats gal..n even i love dancing n cooking :)
same pinch...
but making up stories..m sooo bad in dat
:( need dat sumtym..bt i jus cannot..

perfectskincareforyou said...

congrats for the award :) Guess this is my first time on your blog....and good spirit that you gifted it to all your fellow bloggers so that all can spend together :) have a nice day..

indianmakeupways said...

@lls:-lol, tat was nice.
@poohkie:-thank you :)
@bhumika&anamika:-thanks guys
@pscfu:-thanks for visiting my blog

Jisha Dil said...

congrats....and i enjoyed reading your seven random facts

RASHMI said...

wow that's great and story part is fnniest

congrats for the award honey :D

HD said...

hey Anju...that was a superb read :) loved this post

uzma@bbl said...

Anju! Loved reading this! No pretense at all & I like that!


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