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I have always tried to find a really good eye makeup remover for ages. I am more of an eye-lip makeup kinda person and am not so much into foundation and stuff. So, for me finding the right make up remover was a must and I have gone through many a number of products and was unhappy about 'em all. Most of them are still lying there inside my closet unused 'coz none of them ever matched my expectations.

I wear contacts ( am part blind if u take 'em off...) so i wanted a product that would work with my contact wearing helpless eyes pluz i put so much gunk on them in the name of mascara, eyeliner, glitter and what not that it would be unpardonable if I didn't get the goop out fully from my eyes. I had searched and just when i was about to give up i found this rare gem and believe me guys this is the best makeup remover(eye) ever!!!!!!!!!!!!(Hallelujjaaaaahhhhh)

This is called Avene Gentle Eye Makeup remover. Its suitable for contact lens wearers too.The fact that am about to tell u should not be done ppl...but oh well...sometimes when i am toooooo lazy to remove my contacts i actually have taken the eye makeup off with this without takin out the contacts ......and........it has never hurt my eyes...........ever!!!!!!!!!!

The remover says its for sensitive eyes and they feel soooooooo comfortable and soothing on the eyes. Its a 125 ml bottle with a flip top, so its hygenic.

Directions for use:-Using a cotton pad moistened with product,gently remove makeup from the eye lids and eye lashes.(given on the bottle)

It takes out all the goop like a dream. I have found that some waterproof mascara might need to be removed with a bit more product than the usual amount we take.......but all's good


Great for contact lens users

No offensive smell

Non irritating

Very soothing to the eyes

Gets out all the dirt with minimum effort


Seriously........can't think of a thing!!!!!

This is "HOLY GRAIL" material.

Its DEFINITELY worth a buy. You can get it from the avene store. I myself have seen an avene store in the colaba area in mumbai.

lemme post a pic showing the gunk outta my eyes. its gross guys but here is the proof

So waddya think????? worth a buy???? till next post. ciao......


anamika said...

Hey...Thanks for liking my blog ..and congrats for starting your own blog.:)

also thank u so much for putting me into your blog list.

Ok now coming to the most essential thing of life...

Make up-I don wear contact lenses so dont know about sensitivity of the thing.I use baby wipes to remove my make up and then Kaya skin make up remover..i have tough time if it enters into my eyes by mistake..

Where can i find this product in Delhi?

Hope to see more post of yours and will be learning more make up from you..



indianmakeupways said...

Hi anamika i dont know where you can get this product in delhi. but will try to find out.thanks for the lovely comment

anamika said...

ohh i just checked out that u r from South:)

No probs...:)

Have a super day today..its raining here so i m trying to throw the energy there:P

indianmakeupways said...

Hai again, am from kerala....but rt now am in mumbai with hubby and its sure raining like hell in here too. one thing i gotta say....u sure have some wonderful herbal remedies.keep up the great work.

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