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 We all love an even toned face. I have pigmentation like most Indian women especially on both sides of my mouth. I have been trying really hard to get rid of them and decided to give this a shot. This product is made of Vitamin C and its in the most potent form as Vitamin C gets oxidised once it comes in contact with air. So most of the creams that we use that claim to contain Vitamin C must be completely useless as they are in the tub form (I think its possible because there is no way Vitamin C will remain potent once it comes in contact with air).

 This is the cover that the product comes in. It has 28 vegicaps which will last for a month

 The capsules are inside a circular packaging like this and you have to move the dial on top to reach each capsule. There is an opener on top of it and this way you are only subjecting one capsule to any sort of contact with outside air.

 Please read the above picture to know how to use the product

 This is how the vegicap looks. The product is light yellow in color and make sure you use one capsule a day and try to use it in the night time as Vitamin C makes the skin very photosensitive. Use a sunscreen always.


Vitamin C cream in the most potent form

The cream makes the skin very smooth and radiant

It gives a slight tingly feeling when applied on the skin but not to worry it just means that the product is working

It makes the pores look smaller

It controls the oil for some time

It does give an even toned face

Easily available in all medical stores


My pigmentation has not reduced that much, so am still looking out for the "perfect" product

The skin may become a bit dry, so dry skinned ladies should make sure to use a good moisturiser after applying the product

 Overall:- This product makes the pores look small, gives an even tone to the face and I do feel that it might work well for pigmentation that is on the epidermis and not on the dermis.

Repurchase:- I didn't get the result that I expected so I may not repurchase but I do think that this will be a great product for pigmentation on the epidermis.

Cost:- Rs 1250/-

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