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 Toners are an oily skinned ladies bff. I cannot live without one. I heard a lot of positive reviews about this one and decided to give this a shot. I have been using this for the past 2 weeks and I think I can give a good opinion on it now.

 Its a big bottle with 150 ml of product and it will take me quite some time to use it up

 Please zoom in on the above picture to read more about the product


A very nice and light toner

Does take out the dirt & grime

Leaves the skin smooth & fresh

Tightens the pores

Has a really nice smell

Never dried out my skin

It has "phyto-placenta" or in other words "plant-placent"(not using the real human placenta LOL)

Its suitable for all skin types

No allergic reaction so far


Does not control oil production

The pore tightening effect is not up to the mark ( I am comparing these with clinique toners as they suit my skin the best)

Not that easy to find

Recommend:- If you are looking for a decent toner then buy this and if you have severe oily skin then skip this

Repurchase:- NO! I will definitely go back to using my clinique toner after finishing this one

Price:-Rs 350/-

I bought this from urbantouch.com

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