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 Vedic line is a brand that has come up with some amazing products and when I read a review about this particular product I knew I had to give this a try.

Why did I buy this?

I really don't have too much hair on my arms, legs or my face but I have some hair on my chin which I loathe!!!! I usually remove it with tweezers and over the years they have become more and more thicker, maybe its because of the constant tweezing and I decided to give this product a shot.

 I have been using this for a month and I have used up quite a bit.

 Read the above pic to know more about the product

 The product has a very smooth consistency and goes on really well and also gets absorbed really fast


It is an ayurvedic product

It is an innovative product

It does what it claims. At first I did not see any improvement but I stuck to it and used it twice a day and I have to admit that the cream works and now the hair growth on my chin has slowed down. Its amazing!

The cream has a very pleasant smell

It gets absorbed easily

Only a small amount is needed

The product claims that it can be used anywhere on the body, so its a plus!

Can be used by both men & women

No sensitivity issues


Availability is an issue. The brand vedic line is available only online

Make sure you don't use too much product as it tends to get a bit greasy if you do that.

Recommend:- Yes!

Repurchase:- Yes!

Price:- Rs 255/-

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