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I have been using contacts since I turned 15. At first it was hard to use but now I am an expert :D. Today I just want to share some tips with fellow contact lens users.

Buy a Good Lens solution

I currently use the Bio true solution from Bausch & Lomb. I used to use their "renu" lens solution religiously. It is good but I find bio true is much better for my eyes as the company claims that the solution has the same composition as your tears. I feel less irritation in my eye after I started using this and I don't feel the uncomfortable sensation that I normally feel when I wear contacts for longer periods of time. I first got a sample of this solution to try out and then I switched to the bigger bottle of the solution.

Use a good dry eye reliever solution everyday

I always experience dryness in my eye after I take off my contact lens and my ophthalmologist prescribed this solution for me. He said it can be used on a long term basis and advised me to put this solution everyday before I go to bed. This solution is not cheap at all. It costs 270 Rs/- for a small bottle but its totally worth it.

Dry eye reliever when wearing contact lens

This particular solution is not available easily in India and I bought this online. This has been such a life saver for me as it relieves dryness when I am wearing contacts and I find it easier to wear contacts for longer periods of time when I wear this baby :). The above solution (Optive) I mentioned should not be used when wearing contact lenses. Invest in a solution like this and wearing contact lenses won't be a hassle as it won't dry your eyes out any more.

Clean your lenses properly

Always clean the lenses properly before putting it inside the case. This will prevent an infection. Always put fresh lens solution when you put the contact lenses back in. If you have not opened the contact lens ie if you wear them only once in a while or if you have too many colored contact lenses then the solution will keep the lenses intact for a month provided its not opened in between. If you open it or use it in between change the solution in the case immediately.

Some tips for the daily wearer

Always keep a spare lens, small bottle of solution or a lens case in your purse all the time. Don't forget your trusty spectacles. If you feel any irritation don't hesitate to remove the contacts and put your glasses on even if it hampers your style. Remember "eye-health" comes first. When you travel always take a spare lens with you and never ever attempt to wear contacts when you have an eye infection and also never try to wash contact lenses with water as it can produce serious viral infection on your eyes.

So these are my tips for contact lens users and I hope you guys could learn something :). Thanks for stopping by. If you like this post press the "like" button or "tweet" this. Thanks :)

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Disclaimer:- All products mentioned above are "medical" in nature. I use all the products mentioned in this post. I am a doctor but I am NOT an ophthalmologist so please consult your ophthalmologist before using any products mentioned above. Be safe and be happy :)

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