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 This cool makeup accessory has been with me for so long and I wonder why I never reviewed it!

 What it is:-

 Compact mirrors are essential for any girl's handbag. They're perfect for touching up your makeup when away from home and they'll help you keep your polished look all day long.

But what happens when you're in a darker location? Maybe it's a poorly lit powder room or a dark club - or maybe you're out camping at a festival with no electricity at all. In situations like this, even the most hardcore fashionistas might put their compact mirrors away and keep their fingers crossed that their makeup remains unblemished.

There's no need to be concerned about the dark any longer: the fabulous Model Mirror compact mirrors feature eight battery-powered LEDs, which emit a bright light similar to a backstage makeup mirror. Simply turn on the power with the push of a button and you can enjoy the luxury of a lighted compact mirror wherever you are.

 I think I don't have to list the "Pros & Cons" section as the pics says it all :)

 I bought the "Good as Gold" Model Makeup Mirror. I love the funky lips on it :)

 The mirror magnifies the image on the "lighting" up part of the mirror and the other side gives the normal image. Its a very sleek accessory and I have had it for the past 6 months and not even a scratch on the outer covering. It has 2 silver colored magnetic latches which makes sure that the mirror closes up perfectly. There is a button on the side for the mirror for lighting it up and switch it off when not needed. There is also a place for the battery to be inserted and so far my mirror is still running on the same battery :)

 Overall:- This is not a necessity and is definitely a splurge. But I definitely love it. The price at 19 pounds is not cheap and definitely there are dupes of these mirrors (china made) out there. But if you love quality and the sleek look go for this.

Recommend: Yes!

You can purchase this HERE

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