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 Everyone has a wishlist rt? Sometimes you lust after them so much that you lose control and splurge rt? Well, this is my wishlist for now. I don't know whether I will splurge or not but I hope to buy atleast one or 2 items from this wishlist of mine. Ok......so lets jump into it

 The "seed-bead" hand made bangles are such a rage right now. You can either use them by itself or use it for a little stacking with your favourite watch. I like  the above combo of greens & blues. Really pretty!

 Another bracelet that I am planning to get is the new "shambala crystal bracelets". I love blingy stuff and if you are a bling fan then you definitely have to get one of these! It comes in different colors. I am planning to get a rose gold one.

 No one can ever have too many nail polishes :D. If you are into nail art and stuff then a new polish called ciate "caviar" polish has hit the market and is quite a rage now. Look at those beaded nails. Sooooo pretty!!! :)

 I have been hearing about the brand "MUA" for quite some time and now I would love to get my hands on their "Going for Gold" limited edition palette that is released for the 2012 London Olympics! I am eyeing it because I feel that it has some rare gold shades in it. It really looks amazing!

 Image courtesy HERE

 The Nars Galapagos eye shadow is a cult favourite among beauty addicts and I would definitely love to own one of these. Its a rich chocolate brown with gold shimmer and its easy to create a smokey eye or a neutral eye with this shade. Love Love Love it!

 Rose Gold is the trend nowadays and the "Michael Kors" rose gold watch is to die for! I wish to own one real soon. Its really gorgeous!!!

Last but not the least I am eyeing......... *drumrolls*


He is Kim Kardashian's Makeup artist and I think that says it all. He is an absolute genius and who wouldn't want makeup to be done by him??? God....one day with Mario to learn tips & tricks thats all I ask.......LOL

Anyway thats my "wishlist" and I sure hope to acquire atleast some of the items (including the human pictured above :D) I talked about.

Ciao. Have a nice sunday!

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