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 I was browsing through the palladium Loreal store and came across this wonderful mascara. This mascara has mixed reviews and some people love it while others don't. Thankfully, I love this mascara.

 What it says on the tube:- Magnifies at the base of lashes + Lengthens to the extreme

Lets take a look at the wand

 Reminds me of Mybelline Define-a-lash mascara wand. But this wand has a little bit more lengthier spikes.The wand is very flexible too.

 Its so sad that my lashes are so sparse and I honestly look scary and practically lashless!!!

 After applying 2 coats of the mascara. OK...should I love this or should I LOOVEEEEE this. It honestly makes my eyelashes really long and my lashes are well separated and clump free!


Great mascara that lengthens the lashes like crazy

Great everyday mascara

It dries fast and doesn't smudge or flake unless you accidentally rub your eyes

The lashes look natural

Gives a bit of curling effect to the lashes.

I love the wand that makes it so easy to separate the lashes

The formula of the mascara is really good

No sensitivity issues so far


I don't think it volumises that much. But, honestly am not complaining, come on look at my pics above, I am a human being now! LOL.

The one I have with me now is not waterproof. 

Availability is an issue. It has not yet been released all over India and I purchased this from Mumbai Palladium shopping mall.

Price is a bit steep at Rs 650/-

Overall:- I love this mascara and I might repurchase

Recommend:- YUP!

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