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 I have the most oiliest skin ever and putting on foundation was a nightmare before I found this gem! My face becomes an oil slick within the first hour and my makeup starts sliding.After much research I found this product to be oil-free and oily skin friendly and decided to give it a try.

 I bought the .5 fl oz tube as I wanted to try it out before shelling out a load of money.

 Here is the swatch. You need only the tiniest amount to cover the entire face. Don't use too much as it will start balling up if you do that. I have been using this small 15 ml tube for the past 4 months and I haven't even finished half of it.

Smashbox is a famous cosmetic company and they are known for the primers that they sell. They have a huge variety of primers catering to every skin type and skin concerns. If you have oily skin  try the "LIGHT" version of the primer as I have found it to be really good. The tube comes in 3 sizes, .5, 1 & 1.7 fl oz. The price is also a bit much as the smallest tube costs around 20$ and if not more. The largest tube is around 50$ and shelling that much money on a primer is a bit too much. But, I am sure ladies with oily skin wouldn't mind as its very hard to find a decent primer catering to oily skin needs.


The primer is very very light

It has a watery consistency

Gets absorbed into the skin really fast

A very tiny amount is needed for the whole face

Preps the face for the smooth application of foundation

I don't get any weird smell from this

No sensitivity issues so far

If you get the small tube it can double up as your travel-primer

Photographs well as it doesn't have any spf

Keeps my face matte for atleast 4 hrs


Does not have spf! I would have liked some extra protection from the sun

Availability is an issue as its not available in India(I bought mine through ebay)

Price can also be a turn off for some

 Overall:- I really do love this primer and I will definitely recommend this to oily & combination skinned ladies

Repurchase:- Sure!

I am eyeing the Mac primer too as it is great for oily skin and has spf  in it. I might actually purchase that for the mornings as I personally think spf is needed when you step out into the sun.

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