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I have had this perfume for the past 1 year but I started using it this summer season as I feel that its a very sweet & floral scent which is perfect for summer. Its a really nice feminine smell.

 I love the rose-gold cap. Very simple & sweet.

 The bottle is a "no-frill" type and its very classy looking without being over the top.Its not like the body shop people have spent tons of time designing this bottle, but I love the elegant look of it.

 The notes of this perfume:-

Pear, neroli, bergamot, jasmine, heliotrope, lily of the valley, vanilla, sandalwood and creamy musk

 This bottle contains 30 ml of juice. A little spritz is needed for this lovely perfume and it lasts for a long time. Its a very fun, feminine & flirty smell. Some people claim that its quite synthetic and I do agree but I honestly really love the smell.

I have only seen the 30 ml bottle and I don't know whether bigger bottle is available for this perfume.

As I said the smell is very flirty and it will surely suit women of age group 20-40. Beyond that age I think it might smell a bit less mature??? Well, its just my opinion :)

Application:- Just a spray on the neck area and one or two sprays on the wrists. Try not to use too much as the fragrance lasts long and can get a bit cloying.

Smell at first:- Its a very nice floral smell which dies down to leave a very faint smell of sandalwood behind (but in a good way)

Longevity:- Lasts for 6-7 hours

Fetching Compliments:- I have received tons of compliments from my friends whenever I wear this perfume and its personally not a favourite perfume of mine. I love it but I don't looooooooooovvvvvveeeee it. Hope you get my point :).

When to wear it:-In the morning, going out with friends, a nice day-date with hubby/boy friend.

Is it a gift material & do I recommend this:- Yes! ofcourse! Most people will definitely love this smell. So, its a no-brainer!

Why would you hate this:-If you don't like synthetic smells you might end up hating this.

Overall:- This can be a great summer scent but I don't see this as a "Signature Scent".

Price:- Rs.1245 for 30 ml. Its easily available in all the "Body Shop" counters.

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