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 I have extremely oily skin and the tip that I am going to share with you today is NOT something I use "every day". I use it for special days & functions when I want my face to remain oil free and matte :).  So, the product is MILK OF MAGNESIA!!!! I know, I know I am a doctor and I know for what purpose it is used but it does wonders for oily & combination skin!

 Consistency:- Its a thick white liquid which is a bit sticky and has tiny particles in it.

How do I use it:- I use it by putting a thin layer all over my face and then washing it off after it is dry/semi-dry.I follow it up with my routine facial products.

What I don't do:- I never put a thin layer underneath my makeup as some people do to control the oil. It might control the oil but in the long run it will clog your pores.

Why can't I use it everyday as a simple remedy?:- That is a good question. I have tried it like that and why I don't do it like that now is because of two reasons.

1) It might make your skin more oily after 2-3 weeks as you are tricking your skin into controlling the oil production, the skin might get confused and will end up producing double the amount of oil which is never pretty :D

2) Constant & every day use can do more harm as it can produce dry patches and flakes on the skin which is also another reason why nobody should use it daily

How long does it control the shine?:- It controls shine for atleast 6-7 hours. But please make sure that the products that you are applying after the MOM mask is oil free and that includes an oil free foundation too.

Do I recommend:- Yes I do. But, please make sure that you do an allergy test before using this.

 Price:- 48 Rs for 340 ml

 Availability:- All medical stores

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