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 If you are clumsy like me but you love your mani & pedi then you definitely need this bad boy in your arsenal. Presenting to you Oriflame nailpolish corrector pen.

 I have been using this for quite some time and earlier I used to use Q tips with nailpolish remover to take off the excess nailpolish at the edges. It does a good job but is not as precise as the corrector pen. The pen like end allows to remove excess polish from the edges without taking off the actual polish from the nails. Its just basically nailpolish remover in a pen like gadget which is very convenient for people like me. Easy to carry around and once you start using this you will love this!

 The corrector pen comes with an additional clean tip which can be removed and fitted on to the opposite end when the other end becomes unusable. So, basically you get double use out of this corrector pen. I have been using the same end for past 6 months and I think I can use the same end for additional 3 more months provided it doesn't get too dirty.

Cost:-150 Rs. I don't have an oriflame consultant where I live so I bought through ebay India. But the cost is even more less when you purchase it through a consultant.

Recommend:- Oh yes! I am not saying that you have to buy the same corrector pen. But good corrector pens from any brand will be a great addition to the mani-pedi routine as you won't have to worry about dirty edges :).


Novice Makeup said...

This is a cool gadget! great find Ammu :)

Sara.H said...

Thanks for sharing. I didn't know that correcter pens for nail polish also existed :D Will see if I can get it here :) x

beautydiva said...

Wow a great product, you know I never gave much thought to this corrector pen. I will snap it the next time it goes on discount. Thanks for the great review :)

bhumika said...

I was going to get this anju..do we need to refill the remover or something ? Does'nt it dry or finish up in between ?

indianmakeupways said...

@NM:-its a nice product
@sara:-do check it out. its a great thing to have
@bd:-get it! u won't be disappointed :)
@bhumika:-nope. I think we just discard it after using up both the pen like ends and the remover inside.

indian beauty central said...

Great I love these nifty little beauty tools! seriously cleaning up edges with Q tip can be a real pain.This one is going in my wish list now!

Shimmerlicious said...

Hey ammu ! Remember i had mailed u before ? Doc interested in makeup here and all the similarities we had ! I got sucked into the big bad world of blogging :p but just starting !

Anyway lovely post ! I never knew such a thing existed ! Btw how did ur aipg go ?

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