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I am a huge fan of Liz Earle products, their cleanser being on my top most list.My second favourite product would be the one that am about to review today.Its the "Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask"

Its being sold as a reviving, fast acting mask for instant radiance.Whenever you feel that your skin looks dull & tired this mask comes to the rescue by revitalising the skin in a few minutes.

Directions for use:-Apply 1 to 2 pumps to clean, dry skin.Leave between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.Soak the pure muslin cloth in hand-hot water and gently wipe away residue and follow with Liz Earle instant boost skin tonic(that part is not necessary, but I have the skin tonic so I follow the instructions )

 My take on the product:-

It contains "MOSTLY" natural ingredients
Its a product that is to be used once or twice a week, so the 50 ml bottle will last for a long  time
It has a strong herbal smell to it (I love it, mostly smells of camphor,but some people might find it very annoying)
Comes with a pump, so, one can dispense out the right amount & its hygienic
The product itself is very creamy and a little goes a long way
A muslin cloth is provided along with this which helps to exfoliate the skin while you are taking out the mask
The product delivers, leaves me with smooth, soft, glowy skin
My pores become less visible
Oil production is reduced
There is a tightening and lifting effect
My makeup goes on extra smooth
My skin looks soooooo healthy and plump that I often get compliments whenever I use this product(my skin looks good even without makeup on that particular day!! yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
Cost is 900 rs for a 50 ml bottle, which is reasonable for the amount of product you get

NOT SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN!!!!!!!!. Its given on the bottle itself, as you might experience a slight tingling effect which leaves even my tough non sensitive skin pretty red after taking the mask off, but the redness lasts for only a few minutes and the skin becomes radiant after that.

This is a temporary effect which goes off after a day or so.

Can only be bought online through Liz Earle website

Overall I would definitely repurchase as this is a miracle worker on my skin especially before parties or some functions.So I give this a huge thumbs up from my side.

What about you guys, which Liz Earle product do you swear by..........


G.G.G said...


I definitely love the cleanser..it is such an awesome product. Never knew that they have those muslin sheets for the mask as well :-)

Cynthia Z said...

Haven't tried Liz Earle products, but this sure sounds good!


Rentu said...

it looks nice, i wished it could be available at malls, so that i could see and buy it, i am one of those silly females, who want to physically feel things before buying :(

beautydiva said...

Sounds great. Thanks for the review :)

anamika said...

not tried any product...but this was sounds great.

indianmakeupways said...

@GGG:-i hav seen ur post on cleanse & polish, if u don hav sensitive skin, u will love this one!
@cynthia:-am in love with it :)
@rentu:-ya i know lot of ppl are like u, but liz earle products are really good, scout for some more reviews on google and then make up ur mind
@beauty diva:-it is a good product
@anamika:-hey if u feel like buying anything from her, then,start with the cleanser, u just cant go wrong there!

Natasha said...

wow!! This is exactly what I need as a quick picker-upper for my skin :) Thanx for the review!

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

skin brightening products always scare me, but this seems pretty good.


Jennifer Fabulous said...

I have never heard of this brand before, but it looks fabulous. You always have the best reviews. :)

PS. Thank you for being so sweet. Your kind words on my last post put a big smile on my face. I adore you! xo

PnB said...

heard so much about Liz earle..never got around to ordering it...but all yr skin care posts =r tempting me anju!

Rajni said...

i really wana try liz earle products , how much time do they take for delivery to india ?Can you also do a review of the cleanser , i have heard alot of good things abt it!

indianmakeupways said...

@rajni:-they take about a week.i hav ordered only once & they arrived within a week.I will definitely do the review but am refraining from it as I dont have any real time pics to show , as I left it at my hometown,,will post a review in jan,,but i only hav good things to say abt it.If u buy any item at all from her range,let it be cleanse and polish,its really good.

Rajni said...

thanks! i ve ordered the cleanse and polish!

indianmakeupways said...

@rajni:-great!I hope u end up liking it as much as i do,, its an excellent makeup remover too, any type of makeup ,,u name it,, this cleanser will remove it!!!

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