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 I have always wanted green colored contacts and somehow I never managed to find a pair that would suit someone my skintone ie dusky. I would always find beautiful green in my local contact lens stores but obviously they were meant to suit lighter skin tones. So, my hunt for the perfect green pair of contact lenses continued, till I stumbled upon this site called www.dbeautyshop.com.This website is based in malaysia and they sell authentic contact lenses of various different brands and there are zillions to choose from. I got myself the Geo tri color green and I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy with my purchase.

 About the site:-

Its based in malaysia and the navigation through the site is very easy

They have lots of different brands in stock, so, you will find the color you are looking for

They also stock lenses with "power", so it was great for me as I am blind as a bat without my lenses or glasses and most of the sites don't stock up with the powered lenses. I just had to choose the individual powered contacts meant for my eyes and put them in my cart

My overall purchase came to about US Dollars 27.They have a flat rate registered shipping fee of 5 dollars to anywhere in the world.

The contacts as such cost me 20 dollars and I also bought a green colored contact lens case which came to about 2 dollars

But they do provide us with a free snoopy contact lens case(incase you dont want to purchase an individual case)

The shipping was done on the same day as that of my purchase and I received it within a week and it was in great condition, plus they send emails promptly telling you about the details of your purchase.

About the contact lens:-

They were packed nicely and they came in sealed glass vials (so, no worries about lenses getting tampered with)

There were pamphlets along with it, telling me how to use and store my lenses and also instructions as to how to open the vials.

The brand Geo lenses that I bought has an Anti-Fake system on their website which allows you to scratch out the silver film on the bottom of the glass vial on each one, thereby giving a secret code which can be enetred to find out whether you got a genuine item or not!(I think thats summin great, coz one has to be safe, its ur eyes after all!! )

The lenses by itself are really soft and its not like the one that I already have with me, which is a bit hard, so I feel a bit of discomfort after a while, but not with these babies.................they are simply awesome. I wanted to give a proper review, so I have been using this for 2 weeks straight and I am very happy.

They also don't tire my eyes out, as they are super soft(other lens wearers will know what I am talkin about)

By the way this particular green color will be suitable for skintones from nc40-45

So all in all am very happy with my purchase and will definitely do business with the site again, when I feel like getting another colored contacts.

 Do you see the secret code, after scratching off the silver film,, its for the anti-fake security!

 This lens case came free with the purchase

 This one I bought for 2$ and they are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rakhshanda said...

Hey they look great on you. I usually don't wear lenses but I'll surely tell about these to my sis

anamika said...

but then u have specks also..does these contact lenses have your lens no. also?

indianmakeupways said...

@raks:-ya, if ur sis likes wearing contacts, then this is a great site for her :)
@anamika:-yup i use specs, and i use contacts, the ones with power, my rt eye is -5.5 and lt is -4. when u visit the site, underneath each contacts that u select u will have power options for the rt & lt eye and u can select the power option individually and put em in cart.They will be shipping the ones tat u choose, as simple as tat.I am short sighted, so ya, I use specs when i am at home and when i go out, i rely on lenses.am too scared to do LASIK. :D

ladylavendersays said...

I have cylindrical power in one of my eyes. so i need toric lens for one and regular one for one eye. So, i can't buy as a pair. Plus, i buy monthly cos for some reason, I tend to lose my lenses. But i've been thinking of buying colored lenses cos i find it very difficult to see the normal lens in the case.

G.G.G said...


I never thought these green lens n all would suit a person with dusky complexion..but it looks so good on you girl. u look pretty..and that hair..beautiful.

G.G.G said...


I never thought these green lens n all would suit a person with dusky complexion..but it looks so good on you girl. u look pretty..and that hair..beautiful.

indianmakeupways said...

@lls:-oh tats a huge prob! even the regular wear transparent lenses tat i use are discarded every month.I find em hygienic tat way. but i take extra precautions with colored ones as they gotta last me a year.
@ggg:-u r so nice with compliments.I have seen lotsa colors in this site(am sure it will be available in other sites too) tats suitable for ppl of all skin tones.next am thinking of getting a violet or pink or summin ...............hee hee


wow ya..the lens case looks so cute and the color is lookin gud on u..me too wana try colored lenses..

RASHMI said...

u looking awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wanna eat u ... i mean ur eyes :) :) :)

Jisha said...

wow...that color suits your skin tone...and u look gorgeous...I have never tried any contact lens till now...But after seeing your pic, I cant wait anymore...:((...

Rinz said...

smokin!! I love them!! i need to get one more pair in greay i have circle lenses in black LOL

Rinz @ miss-rinrin.blogspot.com

indianmakeupways said...

@butterfly:-sure! do try em.
@rashmi:-hee hee u r funny!
@jisha:-do try it, its fun.
@rinz:-am yet to get circle lenses. i should get a pair soon. :)

Poohkie said...

I always felt that green lenses would suit you and I was right. You look lovely!

SadeeStyle said...

your eyes are like celina jetly :)

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