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 Just like those beautiful words above I want to do a tag which has been going around for quite some time around youtube and I thought why not incorporate that into the blogs too? Its called My perfect Imperfections where one has to say 3 things that you don't like about yourself and 3 things that you love about yourself. So, I want to tag everyone of you out there who is reading this and Please feel free to do this tag as its fun.

3 Imperfections:-

 My facial symmetry is not so great! My left side photographs well than my right side and my right side has a personality of its own. Its quite the evil side.........even when I take pics for my Fotd's and stuff I concentrate on my left side and not on right as that side is a lot more flat and in the pics I look weird..........when someone sees me in person they may not figure that out and will definitely think what is she talking about?Believe me as trivial and funny as it might sound I love my left side morrrrreeeeee <3

The second thing would be my eyebrows! As I have shown you guys before in a post
I have a scar on my right eyebrow and it aint pretty. I am normally someone who never fills in the eyebrow so it becomes a huge task to fill in the eyebrow when I am going for some special functions. I know everyone fills in their eyebrow but when you have a huuuuuugeeeeee space in ur eyebrow its kinda hard!

The last one would be my arms!!!! I have huge chunky flabby arms and i freakin hate it! Thanks to my genes(thanks mom lol) its really hard to lose it and thats where I gain weight first and thats where I lose weight last!!! It freakin bothers me and now I have somewhat come to terms with my arms but still somedays I feel uncomfortabe!!!!

(I do have to say one thing, just like the pic above now I have gotten used to it and eventhough there are days when I think..........why me...........but the feeling just wears off after some time! :D )

3 Things I Love

My eyes! I get a lot of compliments about my eyes as to how expressive and how big they are and even I love my eyes lots. I feel extra cool when I pile on my eye makeup and go for that extra "cool' look and 90% of the time I get compliments. Yup some ppl have told me that I have bug eyes and they look huuuugeeeee and as though they are popping out whatsoever but I love my eyes........so no matter who bashes 'em I love 'em :)

The second thing would be my HAIR! I have always had long waist length hair .......well i gotta say thanks to mom and her genes, she has awesome hair(used to....now she just cut em off). My hair is not straight but kinda straight wavy and my hair looks great on most of the days and it only looks horrible on some days when it develops a mind on its own......but mostly its well behaved. Yup I have damaged my hair with lotsa treatments and stuff but it still hasn't given up on me :D(I am soooooo obsessed with my hair that I have more hair care products than anyone can ever imagine and all my friends make fun of me :(......well, I dont care 'coz as i said am OBSESSED with it )

The final thing woud be my face. Its super oily and might look dull sometimes..........but I have always had a clear face! eeeeeeeekkkkk touch wood! I have never had the bad luck to fight with acne, pimples or blemishes. I have been blessed to have a tough, non-sensitive, clear skin on my face!

So, that was my small tag and I had a fun time doing this and here am tagging specifically some of you guys and If you feel like it plzzzzzzz go ahead and do this
Anamika from wise she
Poornima from glitter glamour grace
Rentu from loveyourwoes
Poohkie from poohkies place
Tanveer from addicted to blush
Mehak from peaches and blush
Rashmi from Indya beauty
Cynthia from Indian vanity case
Sonali from Asian beautifier
Jennifer Fabulous from I know right

So, I hope you guys will go ahead and do this............would love to read  'em :)


anamika said...

i will do it...though mine perfection and imperfection is almost similar :D:D

RASHMI said...

wow perfect imperfections sweetie :) will do it for sure

and thanks for tagging me :)

Rentu said...

hey sweetie, thanks for the tag, will do it...and i also love your hair and eyes, they are super good

beautydiva said...

Sounds cool and intersting too :D

ladylavendersays said...

hey.. great post. loved reading it..

Poohkie said...

fun post. Will definitely do the tag.

Tanveer Parmar said...

Hey, Thks for the tag! I'll def do this in day or two. :)

It was quite brave of you to do this :D

Sharon said...

Nice one Anju.I <3 ur hair 2

shoppingaholic said...

I ejoyed reading that. It happens the left side looks better than right or right one blooks better tahn left. etc.

waiting for others to read.

indianmakeupways said...

@everyone:-thanks for liking the tag plz do join in and do the tag.Would love to read wat all u guys hav to say :)

PnB said...

Thanks for the tag ! Its a great one :)
Will definitely do it in a bit

Cynthia Z said...

Thanks for tagging me :). Will do it sometime soon! U do have beautiful hair btw


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Oooh I love this post! It's always so much fun to learn more about you. :)

We have a lot in common. I always have one bad side and one good side. It's frustrating for me to take photos as well. Lol.

I totally agree with you that your eyes are one of your best features. They are so pretty! I also love your hair. So many girls would do anything to have long, thick hair like yours. You're a lucky girl!

Thanks for tagging me. I will definitely have to do this one soon. xo

Poohkie said...

I just did this. It's interesting to read how other people see themselves.

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