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Its very hard to find a good sunscreen for oily skin. I always use a sunscreen and my quest for the perfect sunscreen is still on. I have found a few gems along the way but somehow they all just stop working for me after some time! :(

Great for all skin types and especially for oily skin
Best for sensitive skin(or so they claim.I have no idea coz my skin is not sensitive at all!)
No weird fragrance
Oil free formula
Has flesh color tint to it which blends in quite easily with the normal skin tone no matter how fair or dark you are
Has spf 40 in it
Good to go as a makeup base and also on its own
Available at all clinique counters

 I was ecstatic when I found this as it worked a treat on my super oily skin and kept it matte for many hours together and I was happy to finally have found my HG sunscreen..........but It was just not meant to be. It just simply stopped working for me after using up more than half of the tube. It still gives me the protection I need but it doesn't mattify the skin anymore(which is the bonus that I want in a sunscreen for my skin and this product did deliver it for quite some time.)

It just stopped working for me after some time.
Its a bit pricey somewhere around 1000 rs or a bit more than that(cant really remember as I bought this 6 months back)

 Ovear all its a good purchase for people with oily skin and also for normal-dry skin who doesn't need a whitish cast on their face and is not super keen on having a greasy face!

Anyone of u ladies out there who has super oily skin like mine..........have u found that HG sunscreen YET.........If its a yes then plz do tell me......am a sunscreen junkie and at the same time I hate my face becoming too oily!


shoppingaholic said...

It's great that you're sunscreen junkie. You won't believe that i ditch my sunscreen sometimes only because a reason that it makes me feel greasy.

I am using Everyuth right now. I have used Ranbaxy a medicated one, prescribed by a dermatologist, Vichy and Lotus. I didn't like any of them. I just have to use it because I must. Enjoy ur weekend.


Sara.H said...

Great review :) The sunscreen looks just great

PnB said...

I love clinique, but yr so right its so difficult inding a good sunscreen...i find some of them too greasy and the non greasy ones dont have a high enough SPF...try out the neutrogena one...very effective

Sharon said...

Lotus anti tan gel is my HG sunscreen.Too bad dis stopped wrkin 4 u tho

anamika said...

How long does the product last Anju ??

indianmakeupways said...

@everyone:-thanks for commentine and giving me suggestions.i really appreciate it.
@anamika:-the product lasts for atleast 4-5 months.u only need a tiny bit for the whole face.

Poohkie said...

Too bad this didn't work. I'm also still looking for my HG sunscreen...

Also, are you back in Kerala for good?

indianmakeupways said...

@poohkie:-no, am still in mumbai.will be going back only in jan :)

Princess Feef said...

love ur header and new layout =)
thx for the review hun ,, xxx

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

thanks for the review, it seems like a good sunblock.

lovely new header by the way.

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Appu said...

That's bad that it stopped working after a while :( I am usin the Neutrogena one and it's alright.Might make oily skin look greasy though!

Rentu said...

i guess, u shud keep rotating sunblock, i do that, i keep changing between lotus and neutrogena, i used each one for a week, and then use the next one, and they work fine for me, it remains matte for 3-4 hours, but i havent found a products which could keep skin oilfree for 8 hours, too much of a demand may be ;)

Poohkie said...

oh ok. Your 'about me' said Kerala, so I wondered...

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