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Hi everyone!!!!!! Today i wanted to share with you all some basics about lining your eyes and especially "where" all you can play with your liner on your eyes. A pic is worth a thousand words. i know they are not that clear but it will surely serve the purpose (its raining in mumbai and no natural light and plus everytime i took a pic it came blurred....lemme add this also...i had typed this post long time back but forgot to post it...so lemme add its not raining now in mumbai but sorry for the blurred pics!). So these are the least blurred pictures LOL.

This is where you can go crazy with all different sorts of eyeliners like liquid,pencils and gel liners. The beginners can start by using a pencil and then move on to liquid and gel when they have gained some precision.

Again....u can wear all sorts of liners here and go wild. You can even put your favourite eyeshadow as a thin line using brush or Q-tips

This is where you can put your pencils,kajals,kohl's and even gel liners. But try not to put liquid liner as it won't set properly and can mess up the whole look and hurt your eyes.

Ok....I know that picture sure looks scary as hell and once you gain enough practice....no probs at all. When you do "tightlining" it will give fullness to your lashes and make them stand out a bit more and will give the upper lash line more defined and dramatic look. You can use pencils,kajals and kohls. but i wouldn't reccomend using liquid or gel liners

Products that are worth a buy?

Liquid liner:-revlon(it has a pen type tip). It will give beginners some precision and one can achieve thin lines close to the lash line and can build it up from there. L'oreal also has one called "super liner" (i think)....that also gives a very fine line. suitable for those who doesn't like bold eyes.

Maybelline is also good .Try their ultra liner. It has a brush tip and one can create both subtle and bold looks with it. I am now loving the body shop liners which has felt tip. So its great for beginners

You can definitely try other brands too. But i prefer the above brands. that's all.

Pencil liner:- You can try maybelline,revlon,lakme,mac etc etc. But if you like the smokey effect then try mac "smoulder" on the waterline and then smudge it to the lower lash line with a brush or q tip.It is good for creating both dramatic and subtle smokey eyes.

Gel liner:- Mac fluidline is awesome. I use maybelline eyestudio gel liner(the review is already up). It is way less expensive and gives you the same result. So if you would like to purchase a gel liner that isn't too steep on your pocket pick maybelline. L'oreal hip is also good...but mine tends to dry up too fast on me. can't make it work :(

Anyway I hope this post would somewat answer a beginner's woes as far as basic eyemakeup goes.

If you try it lemme know. Remember patience is key .....

Till next post...ciao


anamika said...

Hello..yes the pictures are little scary but thing is you have explained things beautifully:)

and the product recommendation are fab too..

I like it:)

KayKay said...

i gota agree with you writing about maybelline, they have great products and thnx for a helpful tut on lining the eyes. its tricky at first but easier with time and practice

Miss Krimson said...

hehe scary pics for sure... but info is awesome. you should try smashbox liquid liner...
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ... vividfusion.blogspot.com ...Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Another amazingly useful post for me. I seriously am horrible at putting on eyeliner. I think you're right: practice makes perfect. With liquid liner, I always make myself look like a raccoon. With eyeliner in general, I'm never really sure where to put it on the eye, so these pics were helpful. :)

indianmakeupways said...

@miss crimson:- thanks for dropping in the name of another liner...we dont get smashbox products that easily all over INDIA so just wanted to concentrate on stuff that one can get easily...but thanks for the info I will definitely giv it a try! :)
@jennifer:- hee hee i kno the pics are quite scary but am happy tat it was of some use to u. i made tat post for one of my friends who said she has difficulty with lining her eyes & doesnt know what all to purcase. so thought abt putting it here

indianmakeupways said...

@kaykay:-thanks for dropping by & I too think maybelline has some awesome products at budget prices.

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