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After my latest FOTD...i received complements on my "dewy" looking skin from several of you guys and i am sooooooooo happy that everyone thought my skin looks nice. That got me thinking........I have extremely oily skin but I am blessed not to have pimples or zit marks on my skin....so eventhough I battle my oilies every single day am happy that I have clear skin. But...what about the glow? After reading the comments.........i kinda thought about my routine as to what have I added "new" to my regime? and suddenly I got my answer!

I have been away from Kerala for a long time (4 months now)...so i have not had any time(read it as....don't know any good plaze enough or trust them enough to give my face) for a cleanup or a facial. The only thing that I do is thread my eyebrows and if I feel too lazy i just do it on my own with tweezers.Ok.........i know am building up the excitement here.......so lemme unveil to you the miracle product that I have been using for 2 weeks straight now........

"DRUM ROLLS"........FAB INDIA CORAL GLOW FACE PACK!.First of all thanks to Anamika & her blog for giving me an "intro" into the skin care line of FAB INDIA

What it is?
It is a face pack meant for all types of skin

What it claims?
The extracts of coral, real pearls, aloe vera and alum deep cleanse, cool and clarify the skin, giving it a radiant glow

liquorice,alum,oak,aloe vera,coral powder,pearl powder

Directions to use:-
Mix a spoonful of face pack with milk for dry skin and curd for oily skin. Apply on face, neck and arms in an upward direction. Leave on for 7-8 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.

Cost:- 250/- for a 100 gm product

My verdict:- It comes in a ceramic container and when u open it u can see a plastic bag filled with the product. You are also given a wooden spoon along with it, so that its easy to scoop the contents out.just put it on the face wait for it to dry and wash it off. while washing one can feel slight exfoliation too(my skin feels smooth after i use this as though i had a mini facial). For me.............I love it. You guys have complimented on my skin and I think thats proof enough! If its for me to say........I would definitely recommend everyone to "RUN" to the nearest FAB INDIA store and grab this. This product delivers! I continuously used this for 2 weeks and I still use it every 3 days and its not given anywhere in the product packing as to how often to use it.

Well...anyway I hope you guys give this product a shot.......coz i am totally sold on this one and its not that expensive either.

That is one pic I posted yest and here is me in the same plaze in kinda the exact pose. In this my face is a lot more nearer coz i wanted u guys to see. the only makeup on MAC smoulder and a clear gloss( i couldn't photograph myself with totally naked face :P ) & ya in the new pic I haven't ironed my hair :D

So whats it going to be? gonna try it????


Rakhshanda said...

Good morning Anju, hmmm..sounds look great...i really want to get a good face pack for winter..and I think this will be good for me..I really want to buy it.thanks

Rentu said...

i am as well addicted all the fab india products, but never tried this, will do so soon

Tanveer Parmar said...

First MAC Smoulder & now this.. I am on a cost cutting mode and you aren't helping.. LOL. :D

Glad to know this works so well, I'll finish off the current packs I have lying around my place & then def get this :)

anamika said...

Thanks Darling for trying this.Fab India is amazing yaar..try out their neem pack too..its great..

i m truly in love with the brand:)

indianmakeupways said...

@rakhshanda:-hey i don know whether it will dry the skin out during winter...so plz be cautious and put some moisturiser on after the pack.
@everyone else:- ladies, am glad u like this....its so inexpensive but works like a charm. make room for this one.

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I love the packaging and def seems very interesting with such great ingredients.

indianmakeupways said...

@hnfb:-it is an amazing product and i just discovered it now. i think it will always be a staple in my skincare arsenal

G.G.G said...

I too bought this..Thanks to Anamika.

Loving the product as of now :-)

indianmakeupways said...

@GGG:-hey do post ur review after u use this :)

Rukku said...

..gonna hit Fab India today eve! The only prob is gettin Mr hubby to loosen the grip on his purse :P
spent 2k on hair products yest in ma hunt fo a clarifying shampoo.. Settled for neutrogena normalising shampoo instead along with few others :D

indianmakeupways said...

@rukku:-wow!my blog is having some effect on u FINALLY!:D

Rukku said...

..yup u do! :)

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

hey anju,this looks greta...very reasonably priced as well...will try and let you know
my last post:http://shivanismakeupblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/chambor-silk-touchsilk-star-review-and_27.html

Muhammad Atif said...

Its looks demanding idea about make up, we got to try.
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