YSL Mascara!!!!!!

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Oh my gosh! never thought i would splurge so much money on a mascara......but....oh well......i am a sucker for mascaras and when i saw this beauty i knew i had to have it. pluz they were selling it out on a discounted rate! As you all know the brand YSL is a high end brand and i have always drooled over them from a distance and never had the guts to actually go up to the counter and buy one for myself. So when i saw this baby on a discount i had to have it!

The one that i am going to review in here is the YSL Singulier Mascara in black. The packaging is typical YSL and very "high end". Me loves it! Am a sucker for pretty packaging. The mascara wand is a medium thick one and the product is not very runny.


Great packaging

pleasant smell(atleast for me. eventhough i dont like smelly mascaras)

No clumping. I put atleast 2 to 3 coats on my lashes and my lashes dint stick together.

Gives good length to my lashes

Very good for people who don't want overly made up lashes

I was able to put it on my lower lashes and it didn't make 'em chunky at all.

Gives a nice curling effect to the lashes and it stays tat way. didn't need an eyelash curler.


Definitely the PRICE!!!( if u get 'em on a discount do grab 'em)

Not much volume to the lashes. So all u ladies who like the dramatic effect (the one u get with maybelline colossal volume mascara) then this is not for you.

Takes pretty long time to dry on the lashes. but once they are dry they do stay PUT!

So any of u ladies interested in buying?????? I would definitely repurchase if i get them at a discount. otherwise...........i don't think so....(The original price is 1880 rs but i paid 1505 rs)

The before pic

The after pic

Hope u all enjoyed the review. do give comments. ciao


Mehak said...

Iv heard so much about YSL mascaras- people claim its the best mascara there is !. But eeks its soooo expensive!!!!!

indianmakeupways said...

ya it sure is i got it at a discount so i bought it. r u from mumbai?then there is this place called "beauty bar" in andheri where u can get this pretty cheap. they sell "high-end" "original" stuff at a discount. i got mine from there.

Diana Emma said...

I heard YSL Faux Cils is amazing! I've seen a guru on youtube using it all the time... It's just amazing! But then again... the price is too high :(

indianmakeupways said...

@DE:- it sure is and ya the price hurts!

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