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First i saw the mascara then i saw the lip gloss ...to be exact "YSL gloss volupte". Its not a balm or a gloss as such.....its more like a balmy glossy thingy on a stick........do u get me? If not....just check out the pics. I got the no:4, prune frappee aka frosted plum. its a nice berry like shade which will definitely complement indian skin tone, especially the tanned ones like mine. my lips too are a bit pigmented so these colors dont stand out harsh even if i wear 'em in daylight. To be honest i loooooooovvvvveeeeee the color and how it makes my lips feel....so silky, smooth and hydrated. The hydration does last for a while and on my lips they don't leave an ugly stain when the color starts to wear off. But some ppl do complain about that aspect. The packaging is typical YSL. Justtt adooorableeeee.


Hydrating, silky texture

Love the color

Gives only a hint of stain on the lips and is buildable to a certain extent

You can pair it up with a lip pencil if u want a more dramatic effect ( I use l'oreal lip pencil in dark red)

It has an spf:9


Not a big fan of the smell

I am sure i had a dupe of this gloss in maybelline in the same form .........but can't remember the name and i think its discontinued in India (atleast the shade tat i loved!)

Definitely the price( biggest turn off)
without the liner

with the liner

I am sure i wont repurchase this if i can find a good enough dupe for this. what about you ladies. Is that how you feel too?????

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