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Clean and clear has released their acne clearing products and do try 'em out.( i personally haven't tried 'em out yet). People who tried them are giving good feed back. I did try out one thing and oh boy am i glad tat i did!!!!!!! This is surely the best thing that can happen to all those grease monkey faced ladies(like me LoL)out there. They have an oil blotting paper which is truly a miracle. it just slurps away all the oil on your face. You have to just put a single plastic sheet on to your face and all the oil comes out leaving the face matte. I tried it even when i had makeup on(i tried dabbing and no rubbing) and the makeup stayed put but all the oil came out. So this is definitely great and it contains 60 sheets for only 120 rupees. I bought it from spencer but now its available everywhere. so go grab urs!!!!!!

PS:- oil blotting papers are available at mac stores too. so ppl who have mac near 'em can surely buy those. but i am sure it will be more costly than clean and clear and both does the same job.

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