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Sorry for being MIA for so long. I have not given up my fitness goals and still going strong. I had to break the routine in between for more than two weeks after my last weigh in as I suddenly developed a tooth ache and had to get it surgically removed. Anyone who has had a wisdom tooth extraction would definitely know as to how bad it is. I had to take rest for more than 2 weeks as I had a huge swelling and couldn't eat anything except ice cream for 4 days straight!!! When I weighed myself after 2 weeks, I had gained back all the weight that I had lost. I went on to become 85 kgs. Honestly I would have stopped my fitness regime then and there if I had not made a promise to myself and started writing these posts. After I started these posts, I received numerous comments and mails encouraging me to succeed in my weight loss journey and I decided NOT to give up just because life throws a curve ball once in a while. So, I had to start again from scratch and its been 28 days since I started my excercise routine and here are the results.


Starting weight:- 85 Kgs( I sadly packed on the pounds after the tooth extraction and had to start working again!)

Now:- 80.1 Kgs (after 28 days)

So, totally I lost 5+3=8 kgs (if you take into account the 3 kg weight loss that I achieved when I started my weight loss regime)

 I am happy even if the first 3 kg weight loss cannot be counted. I worked my butt off to lose 5 kgs again and I am so happy that I will be entering the "70's"  soon :)

Now, lets get on to the inch loss

Rt arm:-1.8 inches
Lt arm:- 2.1 inches
Chest :- 3 inches
Wasit :- 4 inches
Hip:- 3 inches
Lt & Rt Thighs:- 3 inches each

So I lost a total of 16.9 inches. Not bad rt?

Honestly, my body feels a lot better My abdomen feels a lot toned and its not coming out when I sit down and the place that I wanted my fat to melt was my arms and I am sooooooooo happy to see the flab melting away from my arms!!!

I have been following the basic meal plans and nothing fancy. I have been doing Hip Hop Abs and also mixing it up a bit with Rockin body(another dance based workout from Shaun T.) But, from now on I am going to try a new workout called Turbo Jam as my body has become a bit used to the other two workouts and I would like to shake it up a bit to confuse my body and also burn more calories!!!

I will be writing a detailed post about Hip Hop Abs in a couple of days and as usual the comments section is open for this post. If any of you are working out to lose the flab then do give me pointers and if any of you are using Turbo Jam do leave me a comment to let me know as to how good/bad the workout is :)


Aarthi said...

wowwwww.... Grt Anju :-) Congrats :-)
Btw have u tried Zumba dance?

indianmakeupways said...

@aarthi:-thanks aarthi :). No I haven't. I have heard about it and planning to try it after I finish doing turbo jam

Viva said...

Hey Anju!

Great reading about these posts as I too need to drop those extra kilos!

It is so heartening and motivating to read your blog-series and you weekly wiegh-ins....

Could you please tell me more about the hip-hop abs programme etc... where can i find it?

Great going- keep it up!


Amitha Fathima said...

Oh..I know how that feels..I lost 7kg and gained back 2 kg just because of the Eid-ul-fitr eating mania at my house..there was nothing but fatty food in the house..!
But even i am on my way back to the fitness wagon!

I have started a new challenge to myself to see how fit i can get in 30days by doing regular work!

You should read that post and let me know if you are interested in becoming partners in losing weight and by the way i am also using Turbo Jam,i have been using Turbo Jam for a while and I lost almost the whole 7kg working out to it.I tried,the 30 day shred and Zumba,but Turbo Jam is the only that kept me interested and it got me actual results too.!!

indianmakeupways said...

@viva:- Thanks so much for the comment. You can find hip hop abs on ebay or download it online through torrent. I personally bought it via ebay and I love it. Its a dance based workout and if you want to know more just check out the infomercials via youtube. There are plenty of 'em uploaded there.

@Amitha:-OHHHH I know! Its so frustrating to gain back the kilos you lost but this time I am not giving up :).

I will definitely read up that post of yours. I am always interested in becoming partners where it requires you to become fit! Maybe the ways via which we achieve our goals might be different but I definitely would love to cheer on anyone who is trying to lose weight.

Its great to know that you love turbo jam. I have been working out with turbo jam for the past 4 days and I sure can feel the difference. Even I hope to achieve the same results as you real soon.

Budget Belleza said...

Hey Anju..Kudos to u..I too got my wisdom tooth extracted a while ago..but fortunately it wasn't painful at all..I too am over weight and love reading ur posts..
Btw I have an award for u dear..plz check it here http://budgetbelleza.blogspot.in/2012/09/its-liebster-this-time.html

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