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 Don't get confused, this is NOT a whitening cream its just a product that helps to reduce body tan. I have been faithful to my Nature's essence Tan clear for so long that I wanted to try out something new.

 I love the bright yellow packaging.

 I like the fact that its a tube instead of a tub packaging

 The product itself is white and watery.

To use:-

 Apply proper amount on the body where brightness is to be increased, massage in circular motion until whitening level is achieved,then rinse off with water or wipe with a tissue.


Its from vedic line which has come out with a new line called "vedic line +"

Its paraben free

I have not had any sensitivity issues

The cream is very watery and gets absorbed into the skin after rubbing it in

Has a pleasant smell


Did NOT remove my body tan! So it fails completely

Not that easily available. Will have to order online

Price:- 200 Rs/- for 50 ml

Overall:- It fails to do its job, so will never repurchase

Recommend:- No!

Ok...so this is random........This past week I have been constantly watching this telugu song of Allu Arjun and boy! he is a fantastic dancer and it really amazes me how he twists his legs like that at "1:36" and by the way the song is about losing his lover but never knew how losing your lover can turn into such a fabulous hip hop song lol. See below to enjoy :D


Oh and by the way salman's "Dhinka Chika" song in ready was copied from Allu Arjun's "ringa ringa" song and personally I think Allu Arjun was just fabulous!!! Nothing against salman but Allu Arjun is a better dancer!


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