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 I am using this face wash for the past 1 month and I think its time I posted a review about this. Vedic Line is a fairly new brand that has hit the market and I wanted to try somethings out from the brand and I loved the idea of "orange cleansing syrup". Who doesn't love citrus smelling products during summer? (I had bought this in may)

 The bottle is very simple and made of plastic with a flip top. I love the orange color of the face wash.

 I have used up only a quarter of it.

 The flip top with the nozzle on top gives some control over the dispensed product.

What is it:- The company markets the product as a face & body wash. Its anti bacterial and very gentle on the skin. Removes sweat and odour. Leaves skin fresh and breathing.

To use:- Apply a few drops on wet skin.Gently massage and wash it out.


-I love love love the smell. Its very citrusy and some might claim that its a bit "synthetic" orange smell but I love the smell.

 -The face wash really cleans my face without stripping the oil off my face, it was perfect during summer

-Gives some amount of oil control for about an hour

-A very little amount is needed to cleanse the face

-It foams up really well 

-Great for oily skin during summer

-Can also be used as a body wash (people who love the smell will definitely love using this as a body wash)

-I did not have any sensitivity issues with this


 -Not easily available and I purchased this online. 

 -100 Rs for 100 ml which I think is a bit steep. Maybe the company has priced the product that way because it can be used as a body wash too.

Overall:- I love the product and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and it smells amazing.

Recommend:- Yes I do! It is a great face wash for oily skin during summer without over drying the skin.

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