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 I am here with another summer fragrance review and I know that the summer is already over but I wanted to mention this EDT as I really love it a lot. I purchased this when I was at vizag because I forgot to pack my perfume and this was my savior throughout my vizag trip.

 The bottle is very nice and quite huge. 150 ml of edt! That is quite great.

 Notes:- Honestly, I can't distinguish the notes in this and I tried finding them online and I am not able to find it :(. It smells very tropical to me. Very Island-"ish".......Hmmmmmm.....is that a word? lol

The bottle contains 150 ml of juice which is a lot and I love the simple glass bottle with the pink & yellow colors fused together. Its very summery and feminine.

It will suit age groups of  women b/w 20-40 and if you are older........well, go ahead and try it. If you like it then who is to judge?  :)

Application:-On the chest and also on the wrists. You can use more that 3 or 4 spritz as it is an EDT and not an EDP. So, you can go a bit overboard with this as its very light.

Smell at first:- Very summery and fruity smell. Reminds me of certain Escada perfumes.It fades down real fast(within 2-3 hrs). It does leave a nice faint smell behind.

Longevity:- Lasts for 3-4 hrs max. I think the heat & humidity in our country is the reason for the fragrance to not last long on the skin. If you are a person who sweats too much then it won't last real long at all.

Projection:- Well, its not something that jumps on to the other person, but definitely the other person will be able to smell it.

Fetching Compliments:- Well, my hubby likes it. Actually he purchased it for me when we were at vizag. I don't know about others as I have been wearing it only for a short period of time.

When to wear it:- In the mornings, summer time, when you are running out to do an errand etc

Is it a gift material & do I recommend this:- Its not a gift material (in my opinion) but people who like summery, tropical smells would love this. If the person whom you are gifting it to loves Escada perfumes then she will definitely  love this. Well, I do recommend this for daily summer use.

Why would you hate this:- If you don't like tropical, citrusy smells then steer clear and also if you are someone who sweats a lot then don't bother buying this as let me remind you its an EDT and not an EDP, so, it won't last long.

Overall:- This is a great summer smell and  if you love citrus smells then definitely  you can wear this all year

 Price:-I paid Rs 750/-(they had an offer). Normally it costs around 800 Rs.

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