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These nailpolishes are NOT the "real" Etude House nailpolishes. They are fake and I bought them knowing that they are fake. The colors were so good that I had to buy them and thankfully the quality is really good, so, I am happy with my purchase :)

The nailpolishes have no names instead they have numbers.

 From Lt to Rt:- 134,125,03,138,133,150

 Just by looking at the packaging itself one can identify that these are fake as the packaging is a rip off from the old L'oreal paris  Resist & Shine Nailpolishes. L'oreal now has new packaging for their Resist & shine range.

 Look how vibrant the colors are. I love all the colors as they are so unique and the only polish which is not too pigmented is number 03(third one from the left). I had to apply atleast 5 coats to achieve some opacity. All the other polishes are really pigmented and all of them except for the hot pink color has shimmer in them which is very subtle and elegant


 It claims that it lasts up to 7 days and I have the hot pink color on my nails right now for the past 5 days and so far NO CHIPPING! I am impressed! The nailpolish applicator is really nice and one swipe covers the entire nail. The nailpolishes do have a strong smell to them which goes away after it is applied on to the nails.

 The cost for these nailpolishes are Rs 89 each.

 Overall, I love these polishes eventhough they are knock offs and would love to purchase more colors as the line has some really unique colors with amazing pigmentation and is not too steep on the pocket.


Namita said...

The colors look fab,,n no chipping for 5 days!! wow,,u knw sth sometimes even dupes/fake ones work so damn well that they surprise us completely,,I guess its one of that time for you :)

:) :)

Rakhshanda said...

all shades are pretty, would love to see them on your nails Anju <3

Sara.H said...

They look beautiful even if they are fake :D <3

Nivedita said...

wow!! The nail polishes look so gorgeous! I immediately fell in love with the blue!!

Deals-StealsnMore said...

Nice Shades.. craving to byuing them now :)

Aarthi said...

Trust me I love all the colors :)

bhumika said...

such pretty shades ! I loved the blue and champagne pink..!

Swarnali said...

This is exactly the blue nail color that i have been searching for some time!! I absolutely love it.
Ow forgot to tell you,I bought a blue eyeliner,couldn't find the Bourjois or Faces eye pencils that you suggested in stores near me. I bought a metallic liquid blue eyeliner from Oriflame. Got it for Rs.100 at a discount(it was a total steal for that price)...
I love all the colors that you bought,especially the blue and the champagne pink ones.

indian beauty central said...

The blue & pink are super pretty Ammu,waiting for NOTDs

Vintage Makeup said...

They are all very pretty!

indianmakeupways said...

@namita:-yup no chipping! its a miracle
@raks & ibc:-sure, will do the notd's soon
@sara:-yup they are pretty
@nivedita:-the blue is really stunning
DSM:-they r good
@aarthi & bhumika:-am in love with all the shades
@swarnali:-nice to know that you finally found really good eyeliners.I personally have never tried oriflame but would love to
@vm:-yup am in love with all :)

Viva said...

WOW... 5 days and no chipping!!!

Now tell me where do i buy them from :)

I lovealways hot pink....and m in my metallic phase right now!


indianmakeupways said...

@viva:-I bought these from a near by beauty store. I am sure that these will be available at most big beauty stores as they are fake lol

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