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 I purchased this product out of sheer curiosity and I am happy that I did. I have been using this for the past 2 months and I totally love the product!

What it is:-
Oxylife Professional Facial Kit introduces for the first time a facial kit with unique Oxysphere technology.

Oxysphere technology works as below:
-Enables pure oxygen molecule to be trapped in each product of the kit
-Oxygen is released from products at the time of application
-These Oxygen enriched products are designed to go inside skin to give better results

The product in th kit work in 5 step process to infuse pure Oxygen and help give visibly radiant face glowing with life.

 The product has 5 tubes containing a facial cleanser, scrub, face cream, face gel and finally a face pack. Clear instructions are given on the back of each tube and also on the pack as to how to use them.

For me personally, it helped to get rid of the unwanted tan, evened out my complexion and gave it a good glow which lasted for 2 weeks, just the way a professional facial from a parlour works.

Its a new and innovative system
Really delivers what it says on the cover
Helped to even out my complexion and gave me a great glow
The products feel tingly(in a good way) and very soothing on application
One kit will give atleast 6 applications
Cost is only 990 rs.(I don't think its a huge price considering that one gets atleast 6 usages out of it and nobody does a facial every 2 weeks ........so its worth the money!)
The packaging is very handy and hygienic
I did not have any bad reaction to the product and my skin actually loves it!

Not that easy to find
Price maybe a problem for some
A bit time consuming as the massaging of the cream and gel takes 15 mins each and if you are lazy like me........its not going to be pleasant(nothing beats the luxurious feeling when someone else is doing all the work for u lol)
I told about this to one of my friends and she used this.......but she said she developed small pimples after using this........but  even she is not completely sure as to whether it is the effect of this product....so I would caution everyone to think twice before buying this product as everyone's skin is different.

Overall:-I absolutely LOVE this stuff and I will definitely repurchase this!!!!

Does anyone know about any similar facial kits and what is your opinion.......

Update:-I spotted the ad for this particualr product in this month's cosmo with rihanna on the front cover.So, its a fairly new product and its written in the ad that the facial will be available in salons.


Rentu said...

i havent seen it anywhere

Sara.H said...

nice! I am tempted :)

beautydiva said...

Great review dear. Nice that it suits your skin and its amazing that it removes tan and keeps the glow for 2 weeks- a must try prod i think. But i have never seen this facial kit as of now. Thanks :)

pavani reddy said...

interesting pick..n ya looks like worth trying

Anonymous said...

I remember using something like this.. wen i was in india my cozin had it... but that was something like diamond facial.... n it gives that diamond shine.... it was like soo gud...

bhumika said...

even I did not see it yet..

Natasha said...

Interesting! Is it available on strawberry.net?

indian beauty central said...

this seems nice, I've used Oxy Bleach from Dabur & had a good experience so might try this one. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Vintage Makeup said...

It sounds amazing! I've never heard of it :)

swati said...

hi Ammu...gotta an award for you...chec out here
btw I would love to use this but haven't ever seen this one anywhere!!!

Gauri said...

Anju! You won a blog award!! Check it out here: http://glossandmagic.blogspot.com/

Aarthi said...

Sounds interesting but Im too lazy even for a simple face pack :P

G.G.G said...

Not seen this before..Thanks for the intro Anju. I have bought Fab India Coral pack with ur recco and love it.

I love using home facial kits - have tried Natures products.

Did you pick this from New U?

vertu said...

Wow! It looks so promising, doing one time facial with this gives 2 weeks glow, I would do anything to get this. :) Nice review, m following you. :)

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