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 Recently, I got 2 blog awards from two lovely bloggers "Butterfly award for the coolest blog" from Gauri of Gloss and Magic and "One Lovely blog award from Swati of Perfect skin care. Thanks to both these lovely bloggers and I ask everyone to check their blogs out as they have such amazing blogs!!!

 Rules to follow when accepting these awards

  Say 7 random things about yourself:-

1) I love eating "strepsils" by the dozen even when I don't have a sore throat
2) I can spend insane amounts of money on hair-care products ( i am obsessed with taking care of my hair)
3) Started to watch Harry Potter movies just now and I have to admit, am really getting into the "potter mania"
4) I am an addict to books, I read almost anything and everything!
5) I have really huge feet and I used to have trouble when picking out school shoes!
6) I am not a "gadget" person, so it takes time for me to learn new things
7) People meeting me for the very first time may think that am not so "approachable"....I take time to warm     up  to people  :)

 Ok so let me now pass it on to some lovely bloggers that I know. I am including both the awards for them 'coz the rules for both awards are the same.

 "Addicted to blush"
 "Makeup Beauty and More"
"Girl at First Avenue"

I will also be contacting these bloggers and letting them know about the award :) Once again thanks to gauri and swati for the 2 wonderful awards.


beautydiva said...

Thanks a lot hun. I am having problems with blogger since yesterday, not able to post/save :(

bhumika said...

Thanks a lot anju for the awards :)..like the simple layout..thinking of doing dis layout frm a long tym..bt den feel weird changing..

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Cograts and thank you! :D

I like the new layout!

Tanya VS said...

I loved readin ur random things...haha
U find strepsils tasty...haha... :)
I have huge feet too...like 41-42 :( hard to find my size

M hosting an international giveaway.Take a look ...it might interest you. :) http://www.dazzleandsizzle.com/2011/07/international-giveaway-gift-voucher.html

Nivedita said...

Congrats Anju.So well deserved!!

indianmakeupways said...

@BD:-u r welcome :)
@bhumika:-u r welcome dear.I love shaking up the layout once in a while.thanks for liking the layout
@chandana:-thanks and welcome
@tanya:-thanks and I will check out ur giveaway :)
@Nivedita:-thanks so much :)

Vintage Makeup said...

Congrats! You deserve them. :)

Poohkie said...

Thanks for the award Anju. And strepsils, huh? That's so funny :D

Appu said...

Thanks for the award Anju :) I'm gonna do a post over the weekend. I have a few of them haha :D

Dr.Neeraj Navare said...

Strepsils are really tasty............I must say.......Nice work, keep it up.!!

pavani reddy said...

thank u so much for the award anju..u knw this is my 1st ever...was on vacation so cudnt reply soon...thanks a lot dear...

Aarthi said...

Thank You soooooooooooooooo much Anju :) You are so sweet :) Also congrats :D

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