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 This particular brand has been making waves overseas and I read too many blog posts about them and all of 'em were raving about these products. So, I purchased this from an online store called www.nonpareilboutique.com and they arrived in great condition. No shadows were broken and I am immensely impressed with the quality of these eyeshadows.Today I will be featuring the neutral shades.

Highly pigmented
Amazing colors
 Easy to blend
Great for those who has trouble decoding which shadow to go where as its written clearly on top as "eyelid" "crease" and "browbone"
The price is amazing at 3$ each
 Its not chalky at all.
Love the texture of these shadows.
The neutrals in this range are simply mindblowing. My favs would be "getting sunburned" and "knock on wood"

Not available in India, one has to order it online. :(

Now let me post some pics for all of you to see the neutral shades galore........

Knock on wood

Silent Treatment

 Walking on egg shells.

I am getting sunburned

 So whaddya  guys think......great palettes or what........


bhumika said...

wow anju..des look awesome !! how much was d shippin n all ?

Nivedita said...

I hope someday these become available in the drugstores. Such great products !!!

Sonia said...

Love the shades, specially Touch on wood and walking on egg shells.Price?How was your experience shopping at http://www.nonpareilboutique.com/

Vintage Makeup said...

Walking on egg shells & sunburn are both GORGEOUS! I need to buy some of these :)

Tanveer Parmar said...

They look great! :D

indianmakeupways said...

@bhumika& sonia:-I bought these palettes from nonpareil and they are pretty much great. Their shipping charges are claculated by weight. I purchased a bunch of products from them, when they had a store wide sale going on 'coz of easter and mother's day. So i got a 20% off storewide and was a sweet deal. I think I paid atleast 20 $ for shipping, as i bought a whole load of stuff 'coz f the sale and it was worth giving the shipping money and their delivery is really prompt. I got mine, neatly packed, without a single eyeshadow broken within a week. so am happy. :)

@vm:- oh plz go ahead. theses shadows r really pigmented and a dream to work with

@nivedita:-yup me too. too bad its not available here :(

Deeptima said...

diff to choose one.. they all are soo amazing !!

Rinz said...

I love the last palette!! they are pretty colors!

beautydiva said...

@anju- i love them all. Such pretty shades :)

xOx Sup xOx said...

love I am getting sunburned and knock on wood so pretty

SadeeStyle said...

Omg most beautiful eye shadow i have ever seen

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