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 We all know that Clinique makes the best moisturiser for oily skin. So, when I saw this particular moisturiser I was eager to try this as the SA told me that this one is even more lighter in consistency than the Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel.

What Clinique has to say about this cream:-

A new luxurious formula, this oil-free translucent gel-cream, now in a jar, leaves behind a soft, smooth and hydrated feel and texture. Suitable for skin types Combination Oily & Oily Skin.

Derma White Moisture Gel Cream’s quasi-drug ingredients provide anti-irritation effects preventing excess melanin production thus reducing the appearance of dark spots and discolourations over time. It helps enhance skin’s ability to retain moisture and provide improved hydration and comfort to skin all day long.


Very light weight gel formula
Leaves the skin hydrated and not oily
No offensive smell
Sinks easily into skin
No irritation of any sort
Excellent for summer time


Not suitable during winter, won't provide enough hydration
I have not seen any reduction in discoloration or pigmentation.But then again, I do think that this is to be used along with the derma white line of products and one cannot  buy the whole range without breaking the bank!!!
This small tub costs close to 2000( I don't remember the exact cost as I bought it a long time back!)

Overall its a great moisturiser for combination to oily skin types during summer time. The question as to whether I would repurchase..........hmmm................NO. Not 'coz this is a bad moisturiser, but I don't see any reduction in pigmentation (as i said i guess this works best along with other products from the range) and I am pretty happy with my Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel as it does its duty quite well!


beautydiva said...

Nice review. I also love clinique products but the prices are so steep :( Thanks for sharing

Sara.H said...

Great review :) I would love to try it but its hell expensive. :(

Nivedita said...

I had received very positive response towards clinique. But never tried them on. :(

The Beautifier said...

Hey! I <3 Clinique moisturizers! this one look like a nice product to try xoxo

Henar said...

Fantastic review, I love this!


Beauty Addict said...

I'm always looking for products to clarify the skin... too bad you didn't see much difference!

Confessions of a Beautyholic

Rentu said...

nice review, clinique products are so costly and it pinches so bad if they dont work

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