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I can't believe that i didn't review this product yet. Yesterday i was going through my purse and I saw my "hg" little bottle of magic and i was like........how can i forget writing about this after I started my blog especially 'coz its monsooon season in mumbai.

Ok....so let me unveil to you my magic product that saves me from dry and flaky skin on the face everytime.....DERMALOGICA SKIN HYDRATING BOOSTER!

I came to know abou this product from a magazine and finally when i had the "good fortune" to actually have it in my hands i was over the moon(i am dramatising a bit lol). But seriously guys I have always fought with dry,sensitive and flaky skin whenever the monsoon or winter was around. Eventhough I have extremely oily skin....no amount of creams, lotions or potions could ever save me till i found this!

Its a 30ml bottle of serum, which has a water like consistency....no smell,color .......nothing that puts you off in a bad way. I take about 1-2 drops on my palms, warm it up by rubbing it against my palms and then apply on to my face and believe me this stuff tackles those dry patchy skin like no tomorrow. It doesn't feel oily when it goes on the skin and instantly gets absorbed leaving your face soft & plump .

The packaging is a no-nonsense type......very practical white bottle with a grey cap. Eventhough one might think its a small bottle when they see it...remember this is a "BOOSTER" so it contains enough concentrated stuff to tackle your skin problems. Its also said to smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles...but can't help u there as i don't have 'em yet!

For extremely dry skin people they can put 2 drops of this along with their daily moisture to get that extra hydration. For me once i put it on, in the morn, my skin starts behaving itself. After using it for 3 days or so straight all the visible dry patches and flaky skin on my face goes off and I cannot imagine as to how I lived without it till now. I also have a small trial size bottle that i carry around with me all the time!

The price for this would be somewhat around 1500 rs ....but let that not deter you...the bottle simply lasts for ages and ages!

So what do you think? ready to try out the "BOOSTER" to give the much needed boost to your skin? Let me know!


anamika said...

Packaging of the product is too cutee yaa..

but thing is i don have flaky skin problem ..totaly oily skin hai:P

indianmakeupways said...

hey even i have extremely oily skin but i do get these dry patches on my face during monsoon and winter season. so this is a blessing!

The Beautifier said...

Oh my! I NEED this for my skin! thanks for the post, I must try this for sure xoxo

indianmakeupways said...

@sonali:- i am in loooove with the product. i hope the product works for u too.

Mehak said...

Nice product review, i have dry skin too!! this seems to be brilliant...i like yr new layout !!!

i blog rolled you on my blog btw :)

indianmakeupways said...

thanks mehak...u should definitely give the product a try....i have never been in anyone's "blog roll" it surely is an honour....u r really sweet! :)

Rentu said...

thankfully, i dont suffer from dry skin problem, totally oily skin hain apna toh just like anamika's

G.G.G said...


This sounds like a good product. Have been hearing a lot about dermalogica..I have been eyeing their pre cleanse oil for a while now. Sounds good for deep cleansing.

indianmakeupways said...

@ggg:- all their products are amazing esp the microrefiner. will be reviewing a lot more products from 'em but am refraining from it as i dont have most of the stuff here...but all at my home back in kerala(cant show the real time pics)

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