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I have used a lot of eyeliners in the past....somehow i have always managed to make them work someway or the other, even if the ones i bought were not so good. But I do know lot of people who find it really hard to work with eyeliners especially liquid ones. So this post is about my " go to" liquid liner at present. Let me present to you "THE BODY SHOP LIQUID EYELINER"!

Ok...let me tell you what comes to my mind first when i see these lovelies....PURE LOVEEEE. No exaggeration at all! I think by far these are the best liners that someone, a beginner or a master can use to create those lovely looking eyes everytime and that too way easily! I bought the brown one first 'coz I did not have the brown eyeliner and within one week I went ahead and bought the black one too and now this is my staple everyday!

It is a 2.5ml tube. The formula itself is very nice....it doesn't dry the second you put it on, thus making it possible to build the "line" on your eyelids. The tip is a pointed one(felt tip) and it gives the precision to work with when you want the "thinnest" line possible and also one can build it up from there. I found it very easy to draw the "winged" & "cat" eyes with these!

The liner is quite smudge proof...but i wouldn't say its "fully" waterproof (eventhough it claims to be)....well, for me its not a big deal when I think that its perfect in every other way. The packaging is pretty sleek too.

See, how precisely I have drawn the line (sometimes with other liners i do get some gap b/w the upper lashline and the upper lid which I then work on) and look at those winged eyes! believe me, with these it truly has become too easy.(I have used the body shop limited edition kajal on my lower lash line)

My verdict:- Will keep on buying this till I die(tats me going over board)...well...i will pretty much buy it till I can find anyother liner that does all this.

The cost ...I think its around 600. But I think this is a keeper. Next time you go to body shop do check these babies out!


anamika said...

Good morning...600 is quiet an high price for an eyeliner but i liked the packaging..will give it a try:)

bhumika said...

looks damn gud on ur eyes n d way u lined...

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