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So much hype surrounds a brand named "LUSH" . It is quite rightfully so, b'coz they make fresh handmade products and 90% of it is without artificial ingredients. I have given into the lush hype myself and accumulated "lots" of products from them about an year ago and now, will be posting my reviews on them in my blog. Sadly I can't show you the products with "real time" pics as I have already used them and discarded them as the products got over. But still i guess I can review about them as I stated earlier 'coz I have used most of their products atleast skin and hair care wise. Can't talk much about fresh face masks as I haven't tried them yet as i lived in kerala and couldn't buy these products from places like b'lore and transport them all the way back home without it getting spoiled(it has to be refrigerated). I have this annoying habit of buying most of the products at one go if i read rave reviews or simply if i give into the "hype"! I am trying to curb that now. Enough with the intro....let me get to the review. Today i will talk about LUSH MASK OF MAGNAMINTY!!!!


When i first bought this the fact that attracted me most to the product was the smell.....Its like you have opened a can of mint chocolate chip icecream and believe me don't be surprised if you feel like eating up the whole thing 'coz i surely did, as the smell is so overwhelming! The consistency itself is thick and gooey and it has tiny gritty particles in it(not abrasive at all...well maybe to sensitive skin). It is a cleansing mask and as the company claims you can use it on your back too......but i personally have never tried that. It is specially good for oily skinned people as it tends to suck out all the oil and impurities from the pores and leaving your skin feel fresh and clean. This product was my weekly staple as a good mask(the great smell was a plus)

Directions for use:-
Just take out the right amount and spread it on to your face and leave it till it dries and wash it off! As simple as that!

When you put the stuff on it gives a slight cooling sensation to the face(pluz u look like hulk! with all the green on...its fun to hav some green stuff on face ;-) ) its very pleasant and you get enveloped by the minty smell. Take your fav book or listen to that happy song....and don't doze off happily 'coz you gotta scrub it off! :) Once it dries it gets a little too hard on the face , so gently splash some water and scrub it off peacefully.....sensitive skinned ladies....don't hurry as it contains small gritty stuff, it can really puncture your skin and leave it red. But once you wash it off.........VOILA.... you are left with clean, smooth, oil free amazingly glowing skin......Hmmmmmm now comes the bad part.....for me the whole feeling stayed like that only for a couple of hours and after that my face started to produce oil doubly fast (i guess i used it couple of times in a 3day gap...as i was so enamoured by the smell 'n all.........maybe i over used it and led to the surplus oil production). So ladies....don't do the mistake I did. Use it weekly once and you will be very happy with the performance of this tub of beauty!

Final verdict:- If you are new to LUSH and you are oily skinned like me.....run and grab this product!(its good for normal skinned ppl too).

Will i repurchase this again? hmmmm probably ...but there are so many more "new" lush stuff out there,that i gotta try...but on a personal note...this sure is a good buy. And do make sure you use it up within the expiry date as it tends to dry up a bit as time goes by(maybe 'coz its mostly natural). For a small tub it cost me around 500. Its not a bad bargain....even if you use it weekly it will last you atleast for 4 months straight!

So waddya think? start searching for your nearest lush store and grab this beauty!
check it out here


Tanveer Parmar said...

I'm trying out Angels on Bare skin right now & quite like it.. I do plan to pick up some more lush goodies, but the stores, both of them, are very far frm my place. :P

Rentu said...

seems to be a good buy for me...its great that you are oily skin just like me, i can buy the products you recommend without giving it a second thought

Adorable On Your Vanity said...

i LOOOOOVE lush fresh face masks. Right now I am trying a hair mask...will definitely try this one. I <333 lush.

Kaps said...

I have been planning to pick up some Lush next time..though i do feel that there price range is heavy and all they use is natural product but still before i judge them i should try them :)

I am back to Hyderabad..Feeling lazy in this beautiful weather and health is not thatgreat too..will be back to blogging in a while bbye bbye:)

Rakhshanda said...

I heard about this mask as my friend was talking about it but I think it's for oily skin...

The Beautifier said...

I have also tried a few Lush product and loved them all! xoxo

indianmakeupways said...

@tanveer:-hey no worries u can order them online!
@rentu:- we oily skinned gals need to stick together :P
@adorable on your vanity:-this is a gud buy. i loved it when i was using it.
@rakhshanda:-hey even normal skinned ppl use this mask. it doesnt make their skin dehydrated.
@anamika:- welcome back!
@beautifier:-me too. i love most of their products but have complaints about some of 'em

Desi and the City said...

I haven't tried Lush products so far. But maybe I should try it some time. It is soo damn expensive here.

indianmakeupways said...

ya i know the products tend to be expensive...but some of 'em are really good. :)

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