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Are your split ends bothering you? You colored or straightened (like me!!!) your hair and did not take care of your hair properly and is now at loggerheads with your hair? Join the bandwagon.....I have abused my hair so much that if it could talk out loud i would be in JAIL right now. Am not kidding at all. Thanks to my genes...I was born with luscious straight(slightly wavy) hair and everything was hunky dory (coz my mom used to take care of my hair) till I turned 20!!!!

Well.....i joined the club....the straight hair club with everyone else and Lord the beauty of it was simply exquisite. I had my hair done at bangalore(it was not schwarzkorpf or wella) summin else and my hair did shine and it felt silky for atleast 2 yrs!!!! :O am not exaggerating. I already had straight hair so my hair didn't become that curly anyway and i don't have the "kinks" in my hair too. But ....when i was basking in the glory i completely forgot about proper hair care(if you ever do any sort of chemical treatment to your hair...plz make sure you take good care of it). Then came autumn(my hair started shedding booo hoooo). It got damaged soooooooo bad that i don't have words to describe.

I started taking care of my hair asap but the damage was done especially to the ends. They became frizzy and split ends became a tad too much. One single hair strand of mine split into 2-3 (booooooo hoooooooo again).

I decided to take things into my hands and started researching for products that could save me. I came across a couple of 'em and i have used a lot of'em (believe me!!!) and i am happy with taaaaa daaaaaaa REDKEN ANTI-SNAP.

This product comes in a cute blue plastic bottle with a twister cap on top. No worries about spilling at all. Just twist the nozzle to open and close. Pump out a tiny bit(i take about 2 small pumps as i have long hair). I then put it on the ends of my hair starting from mid length. It has a slight smell (not over powering), the consistency is a bit thicker than serum as it contains proteins and lipids that help in rebuilding your hair plus it will make your hair sooo soft. It is a leave in serum. It should not be washed out. Do not use it too much either as it might damage your hair (too much protein overload can make your hair brittle). I use it twice a week and the results have been amazing. My split ends have reduced and infact it has started to mend itself!!!!

Pros:- Contains proteins

Did help with my split ends(its the only product that has somewhat come close to making my split ends fade out a bit)

makes my hair soft

Cons:- Hard to find this product in india. You can definitely order it online.

Will i buy again? Definitely if and ever i run out of that big bottle and the split end problem continues.

Me loves it.wat about you? do share your views. bye guys.


meenu said...

seems good. whats its pricce BTW in INR?

indianmakeupways said...

hi meenu welcome to my blog. the price range would be somehwere b/w 800-850(dont remember very well). well, its a big bottle and will last u for a long long time.

Jisha Dil said...

i love all redken products..Is redken available in india??

indianmakeupways said...

hi jisha, yeah i have seen some of the redken products(not all of 'em mostly shampoos) at some big beauty shops in mumbai.if u want to buy em and dont mind online then try www.feelunique.com.they have free shipping worldwide and they are pretty fast too

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