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 I have been using this dance based workout for more than a month and I can give a pretty detailed review about the program now that I have lost 5 kgs and around 17 inches from all over my body.

  What it is:- Its a dance based workout featuring mainly Hip-Hop dance moves and concentrating mainly on the ab muscles.

Instructor:- Shaun T. He is really an amazing instructor, very energetic and lively. He makes the workout really fun and I always felt at ease whenever I worked out with his dvds. He talks nonstop and you can modify the moves if you want and still get a fab workout. Some people say that he behaves totally gay in these videos but I beg to differ. He just tries to be enthusiastic and super fun and that is exactly what a "dance" based workout needs. Nobody likes to workout with a stuck up instructor!!!

Workout in detail:- It  comes with a workout plan that is very easy to follow and the workouts are for 6 days straight with the 7th day being the "break-day". All workouts are around 25-45 mins long and at first you start with the most easiest routine and Shaun T builds your stamina level as you move forward every week and I was able to do the 45 min workout without any trouble.

Is it an easy workout:- Its a fun but effective workout and people who love to dance will love this workout. Even people who can't dance that well will also benefit from this as the moves are not complex at all. The level of the workout being easy will depend upon how you are able to adapt to the workout routine. Once you get the moves down its a fun workout and the pounds just keep coming off!

How much did I lose:- I lost 5 kgs and 17 inches in 28 days. My body feels a lot more toned and my abdomen doesn't bulge out when I sit down and my most problematic area are my arms and I lost 2 inches each from my arms!

Difference in this workout dvd from others:- They promote the idea of getting amazing abs "Standing Up"!!! There are no boring crunches  and every single crunch that you do, you are doing it standing up!!!! and it works really well! It does have some moves lying down but they are not bothersome like ab crunches.

Recommend:- YES!!! I love Shaun T and his method of workout and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves working out to fitness dvds , people who has no means to do any outdoor activities and also for those who love to dance and have a good time. It will surely give you results. Don't be fooled by the name. The workout will definitely melt fat in all the places and not just the abs!

Cons:- Availabiity might be a problem in India. I bought the dvd via ebay. You can also try to downoad it via torrent( I guess......). This may not be a great workout for people who hate dance based workouts.




Seygra20 said...

I love dance workout, you feel the adrenaline and winded after the workout. Col review.

indianmakeupways said...

@seygra:-me too. Its such a great rush.:)

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