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I know that summer is coming to an end and I got a couple of emails asking me how to get rid of  "summer tan". So, I am going to share with you all MY way to get rid of or reduce tan.


 -Its very very important to wash your face with the cleanser of your choice to remove the dirt and impurities that might be present on the skin. Make sure that you don't use a cleanser that strips the natural moisture from your face.


-Use a good scrub to exfoliate the dead skin layers on your skin. Its good to use a scrub that provides moderate exfoliation and try not to go for the mild variety. Don't go overboard with the scrub as it can irritate the skin if there is sunburn on the skin.


-If you own any massage gel (Aloe Vera), use it to calm your skin down. You can also use brightening gels or creams after scrubbing. Wait for the gel to get absorbed into the skin completely and wash it off if you feel like it and otherwise leave it as it is 


-Its very important to have an anti tan pack with you always. I religiously use Nature's Essence Lacto Tan Clear. But, this particular pack can produce break outs in some, so be careful while using it. I have been using the pack for atleast 3 years and its a staple in my skincare. You can also use other anti tan packs which are easily available like VLCC, JUST HERBS etc etc.

Home Remedy:- Take two table spoons of curd and mix it with some salt and apply to your face. It  helps  to reduce tan. This is the ONLY home remedy that I know & do.

After the pack dries wash it off with water


-Apply the moisturiser that you use on a daily basis or aloe vera gel is also good to give a soothing effect on the skin.


-Ok........Now that you have done the above steps I am sure that your tan must have gone or reduced to a great extent. But always always always ( I can't stress this enough) use a SUNSCREEN!!!! To prevent further tanning its very important for people to use a good sunscreen that suits their skin. I use the Dior sunscreen and Neutrogena dry touch sun block. The Lotus brand also makes some amazing sunscreens.


-Always use sunscreen and if you can & always put anti tan pack after you have been in the sun for too long. It will help to minimise skin darkening & pigmentation.


Its needed when you have been careless with your sunscreen usage and never used any good anti tan pack. Ladies pick up the phone and book an appointment for anti tan facial ASAP!!!! Nobody wants to look like this right???????

When I feel that my regular remedies are NOT working I always used to pamper myself with a good facial. I used to do "eternal-bliss" facial at strands & aroos at tvm(hey, am not trying to do any marketing for these people). It really used to perk me up and give me the glow that I need.I have heard that the Nirvana facial by Lakme is also good.

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