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 Summer is here and its time to bring out bright summer colored nailpolishes. I wanted to buy a yellow colored polish and came across this yellow from OPI

 The shade is OPI "THE IT COLOR".Its a great yellow for tanned skin tones. I absolutely love this. The formula is a bit runny and I had to use 3 coats to build some opacity.

 I topped it off with a black shatter polish and I absolutely love the effect. The shatter polish from OPI is really nice and gives different patterns each time.

Price for both nail polishes:- Rs 520/- each.

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Rakhshanda said...

wow, so lovely and fresh color, love the combo!!

Ananya said...

whoa! cheetah nails!! :D nice nice.. these days shatter polish is catching up well.. but I love the OPI's yellow.. its as much bright and as much muted as I would like.. I think I will give this yellow a shot and see how it looks with while polka dots :)

Virna √ćvinna said...

Love your nails! We can follow each other? xx

Vicky said...

Hey. This looks great! I follow you & if you like follow me back! :)

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theM.A.D.creationist said...

great colors!



Ana QueenBee said...

Hey I just gave you an award, check my new post!

famoody said...

love your blog:)Maybe we can follow each other?


Niesha said...

its lovely dear...:) following you :)


hey anju i am back :) hope to c u around...ds looks rly cool.. and u know ive got a yellow color in lakme n i m simply loving it :)

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