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 I am a huge huge huggggggggeeeeeeee fan of Seche Vite Top Coat. Its the most amazing top coat ever. Its my Holy Grail!!! I have already reviewed it HERE. I am currently running out of my top coat and decided to purchase another one and I bought this from ebay and plz check it and you will find a number of sellers selling this there.

 It also has a funnel along with it and its a dream come true(ok ok....am becoming a bit dramatic lol) for a seche vite fan and now I don't ever have to run out of my favourite top coat!!!! EVER :) :D

Everyone complains of Seche Vite having a tendency to get thick really fast inside the bottle, so there are special Seche Vite polish thinners that help you in that and I too face the same problem and as its my fav top coat I didn't mind shelling out a couple of extra bucks to rope in the thinner!!!

 The thinner is called Seche Vite "Restore". A couple of drops does the trick and the top coat gets back to its normal consistency. This is a must have in your arsenal if you love Seche Vite top coat. You can also restore your other polishes by mixing a few drops of these and its back to normal like MAGIC!!! :D

 So is anyone a fan of Seche Vite top coat?????????


Sara Hassan said...

WOW! this sounds amazing. I must have this. Thank you for sharing :) xx

Aarthi said...

Haven't heard abt ths one b4.. Thanks for sharing Anju :)

indian beauty central said...

OMG girl! My lemmings list just got longer!

Vintage Makeup said...

Sounds like a great product to have along with the topcoat!

Mesmerize said...

wow! I must try it:)
please visit me in free time:)

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