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I was on the look out for a good lip scrub and stumbled upon the lush lip scrub and I do have to admit that its great and yummy!!!!

 How to use:- Rub a little gently into your lips to scrub them smooth and soft


It smells amazing! Its the smell that you get when you step into a lush store which I love!!!
It comprises of peppermint and chocolate
It tastes absolutely delicious ( I have to remind myself not to just eat it all up)
It has really tiny particles that are not abrasive and it just melts into your lips while scrubbing
Gives really smooth and supple looking lips
It contains lot of amazing oils in it which gives the lips extra softness
Cost- 600 rs which might seem a lot for the tiny tub but you need only a small amount each time so its gonna last a long long time


Availability might be an issue for some. But one can order it online from lush store India.
The price too can be a hindrance for some

Repurchase:- yes! I love the stuff.


bhumika said...

I find the bubble gum one very tempting..

Anonymous said...

i love this n i love making this at home!

Vanity said...

i make my own lip scrub at home ;)

Rakhshanda said...

I've heard great things about the bubblegum one but this too looks good!!!!

indian beauty central said...

looks tempting

Vintage Makeup said...

Everything about it sounds great! I usually just use baking soda and water as a lip scrub. :)

Aarthi said...

At few stores like Lush,MAC we really cant talk about the price.. keeping that aside this sounds awesome :)

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Hey.... Great that I stumbled on your blog. Am new here and loved your blog and following you now.
Do drop by my blogs sometime and I'd love it if you follow as well.. :)
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The Beautifier said...

I too love this stuff! I use it every day and it scrubs really well! xoxo

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