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 Everyone must have already read about the Maybelline Colossal Kajal from other blogs (I assume), as it was released some time ago and I really love the pencil and even got a back up.So, in this post I want to do a comparison between two of my favourite eyeliners Mac smolder and Maybelline Colossal Kajal.

 I have been using Mac smolder for the last 3 years and I think I have repurchased it several times already! SO, when I first heard about the Maybelline Kajal I was thrilled, thinking, just maybe I have found a dupe! Don't you just love the funky yellow packaging of maybelline Colossal.......

The Maybelline Colossal is a twist up pencil liner while the Mac is something you have to sharpen time & time again. The Mac smolder is really creamy and has the tendency for the tip to get rounded really fast and coz of this, one has to sharpen the tip frequently there by leading to wastage! But, no such prob with Maybelline!

 My bare eyes before trying on either of the pencils.

My eyes with the liners on. I have swiped only once with both the pencils and you can see the difference without me pointing it out! Maybelline pencil does give solid color on the waterline but you will have to keep on lining for 3 to 4 times(as I said I have lined it here only once, so if you need the solid black line do it a couple more times). Mac gives a solid color with just one swipe and I love the dark black color it gives. The Maybelline is water resistant and can be used safely on the waterline and is difficult to smudge so lasts for a long time! The Mac pencil is a smudger and true to the name smudges easily helping to create the smokey eye and if you are not careful.......the raccoon eyes! and its not waterproof. As far as the price goes Maybelline definitely beats Mac as its decently priced at just 150 Rs.

Line created with Maybeline.

Line with Mac smolder.

Final Verdict:- I love both the pencils as I use them for different reasons now. But initially I thought maybe I had found a dupe which was just not meant to be. Smolder still retains the cult status in my makeup tote when I want to create really bold smudgy eyes and Maybelline is the one I use when I want my kajal to stay for a long long time.

Have you used both pencils and which one is your fav. Any other eye pencils that are worth a try.....then do let me know :)


Appu said...

The Colossal Kajal never launched here. But yeah, smolder looks much more intense. I love Feline too :D

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

I absolutely love maybelline.. i use it every single day..! And i do get a really dark finish with it. I also love the lakme felt tip liner..

Anonymous said...

I haven't used mac's smolder, but I use Maybelline everyday and I love it! Is smolder the same as a regular lakme kajal pencil as far as darkness and staying power go?
♥ Sukanya

indian beauty central said...

Oh I love this post, great comparison. MAC smolder was on my wishlist too, but unless I'm doing a smoky eye I really want my Kajal/liner to stay on for hours without budging and Colossal is just the liner for the job!

indianmakeupways said...

@appu:-I would love to try feline....but I think its a ltd edition...rt
@TGAFA:-I have not tried lakme felt tip liner....guess I should give it a shot
@KBB:-Nope! Its different from that in terms of quality. I have used lakme kajal and that one has a really huge tip and I hate the kind of finish that one gives. Mac smolder is totally different. If u need a broader opinion then check out my review on mac smolder, I have described it in detail.
@IBC:-Yup u r rt! I too love maybelline coz it just stays on for hours & hours!

Aarthi said...

I haven't tried either of these.. I love the Lakme Satin Kajal... think it is time to try these :)

bhumika said...

I liked colossal kajal but it does smudge a little and does not stay too long on me..

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