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 I received these items 2 months back for review purposes and couldn't do it as I was not well for a long time. I started using these products a month back and now I think I can give an honest review about the 2 products sent to me by the company pr.


On the bottle:-

 Slip into luxurious body dusting powder that is infused with the relaxing Chamomile essential oil leaving you feel calm and soothed.Kaolin works as a great absorbent and cocoa smoothes the skin. Sprinkle into palm of hand and gently pat on to body after bathing or showering.

Amazing smell, very soothing
The smell lingers on the body for a long time
The powder is very finely milled, its really really light
The powder sinks into the skin completely and doesn't leave any residue unlike other body powders
The packaging is pretty neat and sturdy
A very little amount is needed for the wonderful smell, so 100 gm of product will last a long long time

I don't think its available in Kerala that easily
A bit costly at 225 rs

Overall:- I really love it and I will definitely purchase this for the smell. Its amazing!


 On the bottle:-

 Treat your feet with a soothing natural fiber foot scrub that sloughs away the rough, dry dead cells from your heels and soles. Walnut-Mint foot scrub is the answer to dry, chapped feet.The mint invigorates while the neem moisturises and softens your feet. Massage gently to easily and effectively remove dry and dead skin.

 Really nice mint smell, not overpowering at all(I cannot clearly detect the smell of walnuts......maybe coz I have never ever smelt one before lol)
Vey very moisturising
The product itself is very soft and has some gritty particles in it which is not abrasive at all, which I think is absolutely great
It does a good job at scrubbing away the dead cells on feet
Leaves my feet very smooth and touchable
I use it along with my weekly pedicure routine
Very hygienic, as it has a flip top.

May not be available easily everywhere
I don't know as to how effective it will be on "really dry and chapped feet"( coz my feet is not that damaged :D )

Overall:- Its a great scrub, which I can definitely recommend to everyone but the price might become a problem for some.

Most importantly their products are cruelty free. So no animals were harmed!!! :)

Disclaimer:- The products were sent to me by the company pr, but that has not affected my opinion in anyway.


Rakhshanda said...

Great reviews Anju!! I love using TNC products especially shampoos <3

Anonymous said...

I love this product :D..... especially the scrub works wonders :D

Vintage Makeup said...

Dusting powder sounds great! I love their body scrub

bhumika said...

nice review anju :)

Hungover on Fashion said...

Hey gave you award..

Thanks for your support and encouragement for my blog :)

Anonymous said...

I've not used dusting powder since I was a little girl! There doesn't seem to be much need for it in the UK, it never gets hot enough for it to be useful.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

These products sound terrific! Great reviews. :) I am sorry to hear that you have been sick. I hope you are feeling better.

Gauri said...

I like your reviews!

Aarthi said...

Hey Anju,

Nice review :) Hope you are feeling better now.

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