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Hi, this is my honest opinion about these two products. Just check it out and hey guys, encourage me, am new to youtube and leave me comments, do subscribe :). I promise you that the video quality has improved('coz I am still learning to play with my canon dslr :D) So, do check it out :)

 Price:-225 rs
A moisturiser with spf 25 that promises to brighten and whiten the skin. This product is pretty much ok...nothing great.....till now.Will definitely update after 1 more month

 Price:-155 rs

The scrub is really abrasive and tends to make the  skin a bit sore. I prefer it more for the body.

Check out my video for more details :)

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mermaidbidisha said...

lovely review...n my goodness...ur voice is super sexy !:)

mermaidbidisha said...

lovely review..n my goodness...ur voice is super sexy ! :)

swati said...

too bad that the scrub didn't work for you...I found it to be pretty much ok coz it did the brightening thingy but nothing permanent of course...
btw you luk really cute ven u smile and u have like this big expressive eyes and great hair :)

Vintage Makeup said...

Sore skin? That's never good, sounds painful!

Great video quality. :)

indianmakeupways said...

@bidisha:-no one has ever given me that compliment. I always thought that my voice sounds very authoritative, as I am a doc by profession. but am flateered :D

@swati:-thanks for the compliments and ya i really did want it to work......i bought it after reading all the rave reviews and was sadly disappointed. :(

@vm:-thankssssss. am still tweaking around and learning my way with dslr. :)its an amazing camera

Vijay said...

Though your part is dropping a comment, it values a lot

and thanks for standing behind my success here in the blog world

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Jan said...

You look pretty..love you skin..looks healthy :-)

Although I have to say I really prefer your natural eyes than when you wear contacts. I wish you would do more looks with you natural eye :-)

Chandana said...

girl you really dont need any skin products.. trust me! your skin is glowing and its giving me a complex :P

jokes apart.. that was a very thorough review... even i was looking for a product for reducing certain dark patches and evening my skin tone.. unfortunate that this dint do the job..

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