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I bought a new pair of circle lens from a website called circlelens.org. The website is pretty nice. Easy to navigate and they have geo lenses and the time I bought it, there was a discount sale going on and I got my lenses for 17$ with Free worldwide shipping. The lens came sealed nicely and there was a transparent contact lens case along with it.

The color that I bought :-Geo Hurricane Brown circle lens

Really nice brown that suits me
Very soft lens
Been  using it for 2 weeks and no probs so far
Doesn't look fake on me
Fetches me "compliments" :D
Came with a free contact lens case
Very cheap at 17 $

Took a long time for the packet to arrive, close to two weeks

Over all am very happy with my purchase and I will definitely buy from the site again!


Appu said...

I am always scared to try lenses :( Nice color...makes your eyes look even bigger! :)

Vintage Makeup said...

Those look great!

Sumitha said...

This looks so real and pretty..nw i seriously want to try contact lenses..

Sara.H said...

very nice and natural looking lens :) love it

Sonia said...

Hey I've been wanting to buy circle len ever since I saw gaga's video for bad romance.But I was a bit vary about the quality n all.Will head over and order one for me.BTW it looks really good on you.

Poohkie said...

Gorgeous colour Anju. These suit you even more that the other colour you had (grey?).

bhumika said...

pretty color..

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

They are looking really good on you! :)

Oh to Be a Muse said...

the brown does suit you. you've always rocked the Circle Lenses!

indianmakeupways said...

@everyone:-thanks ladiessssssss

@poohkie:-ya, i do have a grey one and a green colored lens too :)

Sharon Mak said...

I ordered mine lenses on March 23, 2011 (still haven't received it yet). The website is down (the sites been down for a while now) and I can't check if my order has been shipped yet. How long did yours take to ship?


indianmakeupways said...

@sharon:-i ordered it during march 1st week and it took me 3 weeks to receive the package. I know that the site is down. wonder whats going on!!! :(

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