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 Sorry guys for not blogging nowadays.I am just too busy preparing my luggage and stuff and oh my god!!!! packing is such a nasty business.Once you start there is just NO end to it.Anyway, stories aside.........I just wanted to do a quick post about this cute lil nail polish that I found yesterday at beauty centre, crawford market.I went there for some last minute shopping and I bought quite some stuff(more about that in the next post). After making my major purchases I was just looking around and my eyes fell on a basket full of nail polishes lying around(well, when its all together lying around in a basket, you sure do know that its gonna be dirt cheap!!!)and one particular packaging caught my eye. It was the most cute & unique looking thing I had seen and I asked the SA as to how much it cost and she said 20rs, and I was like..........okkkkkk and was planning to retreat without buying anything(coz the 20 rs kinda told me the quality of the product) , but then I saw this beautiful green shade to DIE for and I was sold!!!! I picked up 3 nailpolishes all together from this particular brand and its called "Dear Lee".The bottle looks small but it has 12 ml worth of polish and the nail polish brush is not too bad either.

Isn't that a beautiful green!!!!



Dirt Cheap
Great color payoff
Real fun colors to choose from
The nail polish brush is pretty decent and gives you an even coat the very first time itself
It dries real fast with a single coat and with two coats it took some time(I have 2 coats on)
No irritating nail polish smell
Pretty good quality overall for the price

When you open the bottle for the first time there is a bit of nail polish smell which goes off once its on the nails
The brush length is a tad small, but am ok with it .
No particular names for the polishes, only nos
Everything is written in chinese or korean on the bottle, so can't comprehend anything! :(
Don't know where else you can get hold of it as I haven't seen these anywhere else.

Overall its a great polish for such low price.If you see this anywhere just grab it.You wont regret it.By the way I dont know about the chipping, will update in a few days :)

*Update:-It started chipping on 4th day.nothing horrible.but the ends are starting to peel out. But I can't complain as these things are so cheap and I am happy that it stayed "PUT" for atleast four days :)


Anonymous said...

hi5 i got them aswel :D at bigbazar in chennai for 17 rs :D :D and sum other brand called 7th heaven for 30 rs

anamika said...

this green is really pretty Anju..some what similar to colorma green.

indianmakeupways said...

@sugar:-only 17!!! now TATS steal!!!dont know abt the other brand.I hope u r liking this nail polish brand coz i sure am :)

Rakhshanda said...

Hey that's a lovely color!!!thanks for following me:)

indianmakeupways said...

@anamika:-hi yaar, I haven't seen that green, but i guess they are more pricier, this color is really good and the quality is amazing for the price
@raks:- u sure are welcome :)

Vanity said...

it happens to me too..i see a colour n m sold!
whr r u by d way?

indianmakeupways said...

@vanity:-I am in mumbai but will be going to my hometown kerala in a few days :)

Aarthi said...

It is really really cheap !!!!! Never thought I'll find it in Chennai until seeing Sugar's comments :)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I love that green polish on you! How cute. :) And that's awesome it is so cheap. I hate paying gobs of money on makeup and other beauty products when its unnecessary.

mode. said...

luv the pea green! pretty.
<3 mode.

mode. said...

luv the pea green! pretty.
<3 mode.

mode. said...

luv the pea green! pretty.
<3 mode.

bhumika said...

dats a fab color...i gt a white in this for french...
n u must have done a majorrr haul there...waiting for ur post..!!

Tanveer Parmar said...

They look so pretty! Loving the tomato red & pea green :D.. LOL!

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

what a beautiful green color.


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